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  1. Not a Brit in sight, but are the "home nations" not guaranteed one of the FIFA Vice-Presidencies? I'm pretty sure a lot of the other Fifa countries are not too happy at that .
  2. 101 comes back from abroad and attends a game and this happens.... coincidence?
  3. probably hate it... they don't like a few staff from it's surrounding business drinking in there
  4. I was in costa when they went past....for some reason they were playing that well known Ulster classic "Home of the Range"...did the yanks pinch an ulster tune and put it to the lyrics?
  5. Was going to get one but my car decided that it needed £800 spent on it... the fecker. will have to wait until after the season starts
  6. from what i was reading the stadium and the club are 2 seperate entities under this. the stadium is security on one of the loans and it will could be sold separately to cover that debt. who would buy the club without knowing if they could get the stadium as well.
  7. I would guess Hearst fans are quite happy that they finished so far down the table now.
  8. Placed into Admin and UBIG's choice of administrators BDO have been appointed
  9. would be good if they did redevelop the place. get a decent training pool in place
  10. Hi, The youth team I coach Abernethy YFC are looking for players for the forthcoming season. Lads need to be 2000 or 2001 born and we are able to provide lifts from town to our home games and training in Abernethy. If anyone knows of someone who would be interested in trying for us please contact me through here or phone me on 07442 251598. Thanks Dougie
  11. unfortunately if he is forced to come to saints, it will be a wage packet that is getting spent for nothing. there would always be the risk he does a bobo balde to us
  12. have they not just taken on new youth coaches as well??
  13. This is not new.. It was reported back in October / November that the SFL rules allow them to play trialists regardless of any registration ban. As the trialist is not registered with the club
  14. SKY and ESPN on days that games are being shown, and if the BBC pick up the game for radio but that's about it. I would seriously doubt that the SFL have rules in place dictating that you have to speak to certain media outlets.
  15. If he is forced to honour the Pca then you end up with a player who does not want to be here picking up a wage...if Ross county refuse to pay anything , we are stuck with a player who does not want to be here picking up a wage Lose , lose for saints
  16. As long as people are having to put their own money into football you will get self interest and they will always look out for number one in some way or another. It is safe to say we are screwed until scottiish football drops to the level where no one will see it as a way of being their "toy".
  17. Self preservation being a key requirement of being involved in Scottish Football I would say that Green is on a shooglie peg. The current board will be exposed to anything he may or may not have done so the slightest hint of themselves being dragged into what he may or may not have done with Whyte and they will drop him quick as.
  18. Perth one has been closed for a couple of months
  19. You've got the fun fours starting at the High School in a couple of weeks. you'll get more details here Also Letham are running a soccer school as well. Contact is Justin Buy on 07908 093 119 or
  20. can't include budhism in that.. they are extreme in their pacifism
  21. so you would pass up the chance of a player who could help get top 6 and europe as it MAY upset our friends? yes, but on a appearance / goal basis. suits both parties. he would get training and games, we only pay if he plays or scores but will never happen
  22. The Neutral

    Premier Inn

    Exactly. Perth being my adopted home it is seems like people will only support something that will turn the City back to the 1950's or earlier. Here is a building that is empty and whats proposed will create jobs doing the conversion & then ongoing jobs. Something like this right on the doorstep of Horsecross could help them attract bigger names as there is accommodation right next to it for people to stay at who would travel to gigs. Don't see it affecting the George, Sally etc as they have a certain type that they pitch to. Go for it I say/