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  1. If 101 is fat then god help the rest of us
  2. I couldn't possibly comment
  3. And by lady friend 101 means himself... It's like playground stuff, he can't bring himself to admit his true feelings for del so slags him off endlessly
  4. Only 3 points between Saints and ICT but from what I have seen of them on TV this season I think a draw will be a good result (based on saints performances so far this season). I unfortunately don't see saint's pulling off a win against Celtic in either the Cup or the League game but here's hoping
  5. I may be wrong ( and the likes of 101 will no doubt delight in proving me so ) but did they not try that a few years ago, offered free tickets to the local schools, but ended up with one of their worst SPL attendance records? It's a shame but when it comes down to it how long can a club with aspirations of staying in the SPL get by with 3000 to 3500 fans attending.
  6. I'm not a Saint's fan as such, but I live in the town and enjoy taking my son & daughter to a game. My daughter is becoming a Saint's fan but it can be pricey. We sit over in the West Stand ( they like it ) but I don't understand why, when the stadium is no where near capacity, they charge an extra £5 per kid for sitting there. So that's £43 for the games we attend then when you add in food that is pushing £60 (£50 if we were to sit in east stand). At the moment there is no point buying season tickets as I don't know if my daughter will want to go week in week out yet.