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  1. Even if they were to take their allocation, you can't force people to buy them. I've no doubt some gers fans would buy them but most will be unsold. Does anyone know how much money they get from SKY showing it?
  2. The report says it all but makes you wonder if romanov is deliberately driving the club into the ground.
  3. could happen.. the grief you see referees get at games at youth level upwards can be ridiculous.
  4. don't go giving stevie broon ideas now
  5. yep, but given that many of the beneficiaries are overseas now they are unlikely to see the money
  6. That is poor imsaintee... Surely you could've done better than that. :-) you'll get be me banned by claiming im wee Gordy He is on the forum i believe but it isnt me.
  7. Congratuations to the former forumer that everyone loved to hate, 101 Saint, who got married at mcdiarmid park at the weekend.
  8. foundry staff have problems gettingyour order right so using them as an example is not a good idea :-D
  9. Difficult for everyone involved but again it shows how football is a completely different business / employer to the rest of society. If the alleged incident were to happen in any other business, then both parties would more than likely be suspended. I think a lot of what is being said on here, in the stands and pubs is influenced by some fans disappointment in the manager and disappointment / dislike for the chairman.
  10. to paraphrase... something seems rotten in the states of mcdiarmid
  11. fecking shocking that they would capitulate like that BUT i would guess some bean counter some where warned them about a drop in sales with certain knuckle dragging types and they bottled it.
  12. when was the sun ever a democratic institution? it serves at the whim of murdoch.
  13. If the retail development had happened opposite the 208 I could have seen something happening when combined with the propsed road changes. Seeing as that has now fallen through I think Saints will be at McD for a few years to come. The land in the retail park is privatley owned and they have plans to make changes. i doubt saints could afford to buy the land if it came up, never mind planning permission
  14. PKYFA do fun fours down the north inch on a sunday morning. Here is the link to it: The kids are not attached to any Youth Club and it is to get them into it for couple of years before they move to 7's.
  15. always liked Queens Park, My great uncle used to play for them & took me to hampden to watch them when I was a kid. would be looking forward to this but i am working down in reading that day and will be on the train back up the road :-(
  16. if there were such conversations held it would probably be along the lines of "we were told that x is going to happen within y number of years". if anyone signed up on that basis more fool them
  17. I don't know how much credence to put in this but I have heard that it is Strathclyde Police that have the final say on which games get moved and as Mainstand has said they are doing it turn about.
  18. Cue the annual Remembrance Sunday farce and disgrace by a portion of that lot! :evil:
  19. he still speaks fondly of you jamie.... too fondly sometimes if i am honest.... it can be quite disconcerting...
  20. Looks good. Nice and fresh and brilliant on the Galaxy S3. Looks like we are all advanced members.
  21. I'm afraid it is all about the pennies in pro football for the large part. You will be hard pushed to find a player who will not follow the money.
  22. Players more than good enough for Div 3 though. I have always thought that Kyle was overrated but he should stroll through the third.
  23. Ironically a Ranges fans from what I am reading.
  24. it's the tulloch works photo for me.. i never realised how big it actually used to be. fun trying to work out where the 1st house i bought would be in the pic