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  1. Can those players / staff who benefited from the EBT being mis-managed ( & live in the UK ) be chased my HMRC for any of the money?
  2. Chris McLaughlin is saying on Twitter that the hold up is over newco media rights.. SPL and SFL are in dispute over them.. This is crazy surely.. They were refused SPL membership so the rights belong to the SFL I would have thought.
  3. this i don't get.. i would think that the people speaking to the SFA would carry on regardless of mccoist walking out. personally i think it will get sorted out next week and mccoist will have to like it or lump it. he is only the manager. part of me thinks that he is setting up his exit. he can't work with the owners as they have different ideas blah blah blah
  4. They were always going to be called Rangers or some version there of, and even if they have 2012 stuck on the end or Govan in front of it, it would just get contracted to Rangers.
  5. Is this a record? SS has gone 5 hours & 15 mins without a thread he starts getting locked??
  6. I doubt that SKY walking away from the SPL will see a huge number of people cancelling their subscription to them... some people will but most wont. I would suspect that Scottish football is not the main reason for them having SKY.
  7. nothing like kicking them when they are down......
  8. He got into quite the argument with Airdire fans over it. And I can see his point. Why should the team who finished 4th go up. Would be a great season opener though for this year.. League runners up vs Play off runners up for the spare slot.
  9. For all their faults Ernie Walker & Jim Farry would grab this lot by the scruff of their necks throw them into a room and (rightly or wrongly) not let them out until something was sorted one way or another.
  10. Ironically Doncaster is merely carrying out the role of chief exec & trying to generate as much income as possible for the organisation, despite how unpalatable it seems to the rest of us. Chief Execs are generally given huge latitude without having to get permission from the board & he possibly would be praised in any other business BUT this is not any other business it's football & he should have known by now the reaction this would create given all that has happened. People are calling for his head but I would guess his contract contains a rather large severence fee. Christ even newco appear to have the sense to keep their heads below the parapet on this one...which is a miniscule step in the right direction given their rhetoric of late.
  11. I am sorry to this but I don't think that the SPL Board would be holding such a blatant gun to the SFL's head IF it did not have the tactic approval of the majority of the other clubs. Ironically this latest disaster has not come from RFC as they were advised after the fact by Petrie what was being planned. The proposal that came out this afternoon had a touch of merit to it as Sevco would have to agree to honour their football debts & accept any fines from the Oldco which is something. At the end of the day I can still see Sevco buying over Cowdenbeath and taking their place in the SFL.
  12. My wee brother works for Clydesdale Bank. Went in to get tickets for the kids today but got told I couldn't get them (as i have in previous years) as I wasn't buying one for myself. Which is a shame as they have liked having their own ST's
  13. And the irony of replacing one lot of tax dodgers who don't pay their bills with another lot isn't lost on you?
  14. Could see it going through appeals. Dunfermline have been given legal advice that they should remain in SPL.
  15. I've just been given comp tickets for the season & the kids are 12 & 9 so will be next season before I get ST's... however as the wee one pointed out I will be able to get her home & away strips & hat, scarfs gloves and everything she wants.
  16. Donald Findlay is Chairman of Cowdenbeath.....
  17. ironically out mutual friend is going to have to rely on the TV deal to see the games:cool:
  18. The correct decision by saints. Well done to them. I may be in the minority but i have no problem with Newco applying to the SFL for Division 3 and being considered along with Spartans et al. Saying that I expect that they will be accepted into SFL3 as the money they bring into the more democratic set up that they enjoy will stablise and benefit so many clubs. One other point. Someone on here mentioned that Newco should not be allowed into any until everything comes to light. First this will take years. Secondly we have waxed lyrical on here that this is a new club & does not have the history of the old club. In that case no punishment can be applied. If Newco have to be punished for Oldco then surely they get to keep their history as well..
  19. given your delight on twitter about your cheap train prices i am guessing we will be seeing your goodself every other week as well next season
  20. Got to love the irony .... rangers out but we want another bunch of tax & bill dodgers to come up!
  21. Aberdeen now saying that they haven't decided how they will vote
  22. are the papers actually making this stuff up now because social media feeds beat them to most stories these days?
  23. I think that is why they are talking about reconstruction getting pushed through within 7 weeks.