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  1. I think that with all he team changes that will happen next year ( and a manager makingbhis mark on the team ) we hAve a season of mid to low end positioning. Saying that I will probably be completely wrong. We are at present a mid table team who has had a fantastic season. But given our existing financial prudence we are better placed to rise to the top half of the table and make it our home as other teams struggle to adapt.
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    Null Vier and a couple of others know me but that's it.... everyone knows Ghostie ***.. and I have a suspicion I know Super Saint... that reminds me... kids want a chippie for tea
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    The SPL

    I agree with what you have said except the part about the national team. I truely believe that if it was still SFL 1 it would be in the same boat. Does not matter what the set up was in the top flight we would still be where we are in that respect.
  4. short-term? giving up the money he gets from kids through the turnstyles? i would suggest that he is playing the long game with that one....
  5. a friend who was at the slimmers tonight said that they might be moving elsewhere... not looking good for the 208
  6. ok getting confused now as to which thread to post what in so as to stay on topic.... I notice that the liquidators Malcolm Cohen & James Stephen have said the following ( poached from BBC) : It's important to understand that the appointment of liquidators will not mean the end of football at Ibrox - only the end of the company that ran the club," said Cohen. "The liquidators will seek to protect any remaining assets, maximise recoveries for the benefit of creditors and investigate the reasons behind the failure of the company." Administrators Duff & Phelps plan to transfer the business to a 'newco' set up by Green in the next few days. Cohen continued: "Once this is done, BDO will determine what can be recovered from the remains of the existing company. "It is right that there is a full and robust investigation into why the company failed, together with concerted efforts to recover monies for creditors and the taxpayer. "This may include pursuit of possible claims against those responsible for the financial affairs of the company in previous years." between this and HMRC's statements yesterday it would seem that Newco will be at Ibrox for many years to come. I still say that RFC NEWCO going into SFL3 would probably be the best thing that could happen to Scottish Football. The extra money into the SFL would help out so many of the "wee clubs" that exist on the breadline
  7. yep... my understanding is that the oldco will still exist until liquidated and therefore will own 1/12 of the SPL and still have a vote which the liquidators will exercise. madness
  8. This is the statement from HMRC today that I found strange : "HMRC said that the sale of the club "is not being undermined, it simply takes a different route". In a statement it said: "Liquidation will enable a sale of the football assets to be made to a new company, thereby ensuring that football will continue at Ibrox. "It also means that the new company will be free from claims or litigation in a way which would not be achievable with a CVA. Rangers can make a fresh start." " "A liquidation provides the best opportunity to protect taxpayers, by allowing the potential investigation and pursuit of possible claims against those responsible for the company's financial affairs in recent years. This, to me, would seem to suggest that HMRC are making a distinction between the club and those who ran it.. Allowing the football club to continue whilst investigating & possibly taking action against, Murray, Whyte et al...
  9. Have Celtic announced they are leaving Scottish Football ? Glorious days indeed
  10. Great idea by the club but 10 miles is perhaps a bit constrictive. Cuts out a fair few places like Crieff, Auchterarder, Dunkeld etc
  11. football related by any chance?
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    The 208

    I've been hearing today that the 208 has lost it's license. Anyone know if this is true? and why?
  13. Have to say I've always preferred the Lion Rampant... Far more dramatic! Saying that I prefer Scotland the Brave to Flower of Scotland... I suspect I am in the minority
  14. Something could grow out of this for PERTH.. I am sure if the council got together with the big local businesses SSE, Aviva, companies with historic ties to Perth (for sponsorship) & this could become an annual or bi-annual event to celebrate Perth. IF Rewind is to stay in Perth it could be the weekend before and perhaps make it the start of a week long "celebration". Their is so much potential in this town that I think gets over looked.
  15. going by twitter morris' family are already back down south which makes me think he will be following them
  16. I've done both my MCL & ACL ( on separate occasions, being podgy does not help ) the MCL took about 5 weeks before i could move without any discomfort & 2 months before it felt completely right. The ACL took about 4 months to heal properly from pulling it. Like I said I carry a bit of weight which does Not help recovery. If you've not been get along to your docs to get it looked at.
  17. We have designs above our station in Scotland and think we are some sort of "player" in world football because of the unique position that the home countries hold. We really are a parochial backwater. As for SKY... sorry I am too cynical to believe that they would give up the viewing figures that they get from this. I don't think the Scottish Govt has the power to stop it being shown even if they had the spine to try.
  18. I was agreeing with this statement but who is there to apologise? The Admins? They don't really care what happens to Scottish Football. They will walk away with their millions and onto the next case. Whyte? He does owe apologies but to HMRC and ( unfortunately ) the knuckle draggers for taking them all up the clyde in a banana boat, but the damage was done before he took over. The person who should be apologising is David Murray, BUT he will sit in his lovely big house in Perthshire, or in the Channel Islands, or South of France and go.. "not my problem any more... i'm not involved in football"!
  19. newco will not go into the SPL now. this last week ( and the complete ignorance of football law by D&P ) has seen to that. CVA will fail and newco will go into SFL3
  20. i think this may be your most sensible post Andy:wink:
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    Paul Smith

    Great guy, always willing to help no matter what. Best wishes to whatever he does in future.
  22. the crusaders lost in the end... bad analogy
  23. Chill out pal... So what if a saintee see's himself as British, you see yourself as scottish, would you object if someone flew any other flag done in a similar way. We're all saintees and that's what matters!
  24. Apologies if this should be in Chit Chat.... We are looking for new players for the forthcoming season to add to our existing squad. We will be playing at under 13's (2000 born). This is a new team formed from what was Kinnoull YFC under 12's & we will be playing our home games at Powrie Park in Abernethy & we currently train on the South Inch one night a week. We've managed to get sponsorship in place BUT we do need more players as 3 of our lads have been picked up by Saints under 13 team for next year. If any of your lads are looking to for a team or you know of someone who is please either PM me, leave a message here or on the facebook page I have linked below. I hope that you can help guys. Thanks
  25. You want Fifa to take control???? They are the most corrupt organisation in football & open to the highest bidder!