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    The Neutral reacted to THE LARK SAINT in Another shop bites the dust...   
    South St
    exact shop tbc
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    The Neutral reacted to fazman1977 in Stevie May   
    Some folk howl about fans on other forums but half the pricks on here are as bad.
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    The Neutral reacted to Tranmere Saintee in Is Steve Brown Qualified / Should He Go   
    Am removing the above few posts as some posts, containing threats, were removed earlier and SaintDunc's response was to the removed posts and has resulted in some confusion and mis-understandings.
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    The Neutral reacted to lethamsaintee in E.p.l.   
    All through time Scottish/British players have rarely played abroad.

    If you look at it this way - there are more Belgians at Spurs say, than there are Brits playing in Belguim I'd guess.

    The reasons for that are pretty obvious to me - we are an Ignorant Island race that is either unwilling or unable to learn different languages and cultures.

    Anyway to answer the original question - it'll never as such go into Meltdown unless Sponsors/Sky cut the supply.

    Only really Chelsea and Manchester City spend 'gift' money and they would obviously suffer massively if their Sugar Daddy's walked away. More so Chelsea as Mansour has an agreement in place at City that secures their Financial Security if he walks away.

    Most of the other clubs run with debts but they are mostly manageable.

    Best way of putting it is this - Liverpool/Manchester United are men who earn 100k a year and therefore can afford a bigger mortgage than Saints/Aberdeen who are men who earn 40k a year.

    It's all relative.
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    The Neutral reacted to soupy76 in Right To Play - Perth Council   
    It's a joke to be honest. They also put up traffic calming stuff to help kids cross the road .. Near the secondary school they put up a zebra crossing, yet at one of the most dangerous parts as you turn into the primary school they put a strip of red tar across te road and - wtf is that all about. I will continue to cut it for as long as folk let me borrow lawnmowers. Pkc are a joke. I feel that they are doing their best to force the kids of north muirton indoors. There is hundreds of children in that area and not slot of safe play area. Kids need to be out and about not stuck inside cause the tunts will not prepare an area.

    Miserable bar stewards
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    The Neutral got a reaction from Fair Maid in Another shop bites the dust...   
    I moved here from Dumfries about 18 years ago and wouldn't want to move back. Both are similar types of towns. If you think Perth is bad in all the things mentioned above, then go have a look at Dumfries.  I go back annually to see friends and family but it really is a very depressing place these days and I look forward to coming back "home".
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    The Neutral reacted to uphallsaint in Ibrox latest...   
    He gets game a Ibrox JHQ, don't think he'd get many in the Premier.
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    The Neutral reacted to Denzil in Promote The Final   
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    The Neutral reacted to babychunder in Disgraceful   
    Once ye start censoring various words, it's a slippery slope towards us all saying the same things, acting the same, having the same values, with no differences between us. Orwell's thought police are alive and well, keeping their beady eye on this forum.
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    The Neutral reacted to Inchcolm in Disgraceful   
    When discussing racism and sectarianism or any other isim, we cannot refer to what happened in the past. We cannot change what went before no matter how wrong it was but we can change the present. I remember Celtic fans singing disgusting songs about the Ibrox stair disaster and Rangers fans using racist chants towards Paul Wilson (Black Celtic player). These songs may have been very inappropriate but were accepted. With modern Laws and global communications they are totally unacceptable no matter how trivial they may seem to certain people. Football Players and Managers have a position in society which they cannot abuse because young supporters look up to them as heroes and imitate their every word and action. This position of responsibility and trust requires a higher standard of behaviour than normal. It also means that they are subject to higher punishments as their behaviour is an aggravation of the offense because of this position of responsibility.  There is no place for isims in our society and the offenders should be severely dealt with. 
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    The Neutral reacted to JMSaints9 in Pro Youth Team Not Paying Fees To Youth Teams.   
    Was shocked to come across my name in this topic when I was looking through google. Thank you for the kind words.

    Life at Saints is great. Our team has gone from strength to strength after finding our feet (signed 10 new players in the summer, 3 Dyce, 5 Hutchie and 2 Gow Valley.) I have always felt looked after at Saints and receive the best treatment. Saints was not my only offer, however I can only say that I feel I made the right choice. Aberdeen did come knocking 3 years running but they were without luck. Overall the treatment at St J is far superior to how I was treated at Aberdeen when trialling. Up until recently, I trained with the Under 20's twice a week (stopped due to upcoming exams) and I was ALWAYS well looked after, having nice digs, ensuring I fitted in and that I was comfortable and happy. Currently, I train once a week in Perth, travelling by train down and back on Tuesday/Wednesday (paid for by Saints) and each session is different, useful and educational.

    The pro-youth set up at Saints is getting there and Saints are definitely one of the top clubs in Scotland for man-management and treatment of their kids. Saints also dealt with Dyce very well when signing me and played by Dyce's rules. Although I don't think Dyce ever received £10 for me, I'm sure they do not feel mis-treated or harshly done by, as Saints always followed the correct protocol and dealt with things the correct way.

    Apologies for straying off-topic but just thought I'd share my thoughts.


    Josh Milne - SJFC U15 striker
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    The Neutral reacted to sjfc.spl.09-10 in Ibrox Semi-Finals   
    Any one who doesn't turn up because of where it is.. You are just a ****ing idiot
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    The Neutral reacted to Honest Saints Fan in Ibrox Semi-Finals   
    I don't care. It's the semi final of the Scottish Cup and I will be there!
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    The Neutral reacted to ODAB in Pro Youth Team Not Paying Fees To Youth Teams.   
    Pro-youth clubs can be very underhand in their dealings with schools, districts and youth teams. They are not allowed to directly ask a player not to play for a school team or as a county representative. However some do make it clear without saying it that it won't be tolerated. I know of several examples of a senior club putting pressure on youngsters to go through their academy rahter than pursuing an education on their own merits. Players who don't chose the route the club want are dropped and not selected all of a sudden. More should be done to make sure that we don't just look after the 10 percent that do make it from that level, but also look after the 90 percent that don't.
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    The Neutral reacted to The ghost of Jim Morton in Saints V Hearts 18/1/14 Ko 3Pm   
    WOW!!!!! That was some game. As a Saints fan I am a little disappointed at not taking all 3 points but as a fitba fan, I though it was rip roaring stuff that pretty much had EVERYTHING. 6 goals, a hat trick for Stevie May, 2 penalties, 3 sendings off and some meaty tackling and a late late equaliser. The referee was utterly hopeless ( for both sides) and some of his decisions were impossible to fathom. All in all an extremely exciting day....
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    The Neutral reacted to Edstar101 in Best Restaurant In The Town   
    No pyro or breaking the seats
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    The Neutral reacted to Jamie_Beatson in Another shop bites the dust...   
    Is it dying? I saw a report the other day about how our High Street had an unusually high percentage of independent retailers. And major retailers, such as H&M, Next, Primark, River Island and New Look have all spent enormous sums of money in the last three years enhancing their presence on the High Street and in St John's Centre and improving the selection for Perth shoppers. Starbucks are about to fill another empty unit soon, apparently.
    It certainly could be a lot worse. Go and look at Kirkcaldy High Street as an example. Or Glenrothes. Both similar sized towns - but vastly inferior town centres.
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    The Neutral got a reaction from Kilgour in Fans Banned   
    This is from the club site. 

    I think it's been mentioned but anyone who turns up pissed or appears to be under the influence can be turned away. They kick off and then they can be lifted.
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    The Neutral reacted to Honest Saints Fan in Fans Banned   
    " St Johnstone haven't banned anyone, 2 out by court order and a few others been spoken to but not banned. "

    Stop spreading shite rumours!
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    The Neutral got a reaction from saintbear in Ibrox latest...   
    What would happen if the Stock Exchange were to say that King could become a Director or Chairman?  Does the SFA have the authority to over rule this? Or does it fall into the grey area between footballing authorities and national organisations?
    Also could be become a Director of the holding company while not actually being a director of the club itself?
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    The Neutral reacted to Edstar101 in Richard Brittain   
    Mmmmm...what make a man a man? Being the boss of the house and having a woman who just does what she is told.....or being the kind of person who, despite the possible consequences and the impact on his own ambitions (maybe he is gutted because he WANTED to play for Saints, experience Europe etc) puts the health and happiness of his family first?
    I'm not saying necessarily that RB is either, but your views are not far short of neanderthal
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    The Neutral reacted to SaintDougie in Richard Brittain
    Enough said!
    Chants at the football like "You chose the wrong team" etc.. is amusing banter, however those that find it necessary to send abuse to people over the internet really need to take a look at themselves. Men, Women, teenagers or kids, it is totally unacceptable and has recently been highlighted in the media with suicides of two teenagers (One in England and another closer to home in Dunfermline) receiving abuse and threats from so called "Trolls" and feeling like they had no other option but to take their own lives.
    Lets put an end to this whole sorry and quite frankly embarrassing affair. 
    All the best to the Brittian family in the future.
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    The Neutral got a reaction from Bruno Strasser in Apprentice Boys Of....perth?   
    I was in costa when they went past....for some reason they were playing that well known Ulster classic "Home of the Range"...did the yanks pinch an ulster tune and put it to the lyrics?
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    The Neutral reacted to Edstar101 in Francisco Sandaza   
    It turns out he wasn't the messiah, he was just a very naughty boy
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    The Neutral got a reaction from Perth-Saint in Richard Brittain   
    If he is forced to honour the Pca then you end up with a player who does not want to be here picking up a wage...if Ross county refuse to pay anything , we are stuck with a player who does not want to be here picking up a wage Lose , lose for saints