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  1. There is no way this is our biggest game since we were relegated, since then there have been 3 cup finals several unsuccessful semi finals quite a few Euro games plus many late season wins to secure either top six or Euro qualification tat are all way bigger than today’s game. Win and we progress in the cup to continue our defence of the cup, lose and we can concentrate on getting up the league.
  2. Not going to Saints game today getting my football fix at Peebles Rovers v Kinnoull.
  3. Not directly connected but was there really over 10000 at Queens Park v Falkirk yesterday both the Sunday Post and Sunday Mail saying 10119 ?
  4. So, what are the distances compared to Dundee?
  5. As the only other teams to have won the double are Aberdeen, Celtic & Rangers (oldco) and none of these have ever been relegated (yes I know....) we could be the first.
  6. Macca’s cousin manager at Kelty. Could be interesting.
  7. Kelty Hearts (our closest rivals in the league now apparently) or Montrose quite happy with that.