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  1. A few points from today’s game 1) “2 dicks” is an incredibly incompetent referee 2) Rangers* should have been down to 10 men after ten minutes with the goalie sent off for his assault on MO’H 3) we were beaten today by a combination of incompetent refereeing and an incredible goal...........I don’t particularly like giving credit to the old squirm but the Tavernier goal was world class. 4) The penalty was one of the softest I have seen given but in reality you cannot argue against it. However in the aftermath Morelos lifting his hands like he did is a straight red card all day long. 5) I f we play like that every week we will be fine this season and may well finish highe4 than last season. 6) Our next 2 games could well define how our season is going to go, Aberdeen seem to be pretty poor and I would be disappointed to not take at least a point from Pittoddrie and Calum seems to have the measure of Hivbs.
  2. SJFC 1 Rangers* 0 David Wotherspoon 6789
  3. What happens if we win all 3 matches what do we moan about then.
  4. 15 minutes before kickoff it looks as though there are about 20 people in the stand behind the goal which our fans would have been in. Had they allowed away fans in there would probably have had 200+ there that is £5,000+ that St Mirren have lost out on. Not a fortune I know but after the last 18 months every penny is probably welcome.
  5. There is only one "real Saints" and we don't feel the need to clarify who that is.
  6. My all time favourite Saints top so sorry unfortunately can’t help you it is probably the only one of my 50+ tops I wouldn’t let go whatever the price.
  7. It’s actually bloody John Connolly