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  1. It’s just a thought but they can’t exactly have a close knit squad if only 8 out of 26 first team squad were out together for a team celebration.
  2. Because the BBC said so.
  3. Joe Gormley scores in the penalty shoot out..........but Cliftonville lose Irish cup semifinal.
  4. Don’t see why it is unfair if only 25% capacity get in. Tough luck on all the clubs who can’t get all their fans be that ST’s or walk ins. If Saints and Livi are the only clubs who get all their fans in good luck to them. Perfectly acceptable and fair in my view.
  5. I will probably be accused of being a happy clapper here but................ .......could the fact that manufacturing nationwide was closed down for close on three months have something do with the fact that the new kit hasn’t been released yet?
  6. Celtic Rangers Saints Aberdeen Hibs Dundee United St Mirren Motherwell Ross County Livingston Kilmarnock Hamilton
  7. ejksjfc

    New Manager

    News from the Peebles pubs.......oh no stop there .....hopefully he will he will be back
  8. If any club want to run a colts/B team put them into the now vastly expanded Highland/Lowland/Western leagues pyramid with no promotion for any team affiliated to a league club.
  9. It may be a stupid question but how do you know the number of any 50/50 you bought? (I assume they are not being sent out)
  10. Does this game count in the prediction league?
  11. ejksjfc


    That would worry me if she did that. In my view they are the most overrated pie in the SPFPSFPSFPL our steak and chorizo variety are far superior. I actually don’t see anything that KR has done (or not done) since she has arrived that has been detrimental to Saints. TW left for personal reasons saying the time was right. The pitch is getting its usual and perfectly normal annual maintenance. I think she may be very good for Saints in the long run.
  12. The end terrace upstairs and downstairs doors were both on Blair Street (no’s 1&2 Blair Street). No close for us but we did have a shared wash hoose and drying green.