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  1. I honestly think next season will be much better than last. Last season we had horrendous luck with injuries and refereeing decisions neither can be as bad again especially with the introduction of VAR later in the season. Hopefully I am not being overly optimistic but I do think we have a top 6 level squad (the goalkeeper position is a worry though)and I do think we should be showing more faith in the very talented youngsters we have either in the squad or out on loan.
  2. Was there last night, great show very enjoyable.
  3. SJFC 2 ICTFC 0 Callum Hendry 6789
  4. ICTFC 0 SJFC 2 Callum Hendry 5678
  5. ejksjfc

    The Play Off

    To be fair Thistles didn’t look too bad last night and ours was ok against St Mirren. Firhill has even terrible this season though.
  6. Just watched the highlights on BBC surely the stupidest question ever when the presenter asked who’s got the easiest run in? We play the same feckin teams just in a different order
  7. ejksjfc

    Post Split

    What a load of bollocks we won the Motherwell game by keeping going for 90+ minutes and got the desired and deserved result. Livi game we scored early and very effectively “parked the bus” for 80+ minutes. Yes, Livi game was eye bleedingly boring but certainly not stealing the points both wins justified.
  8. LI watched this in a bar in Fuerteventura watched the first half and thought Celtic were very good rather than us being very bad. Some stupid goals to lose and I decided to move indoors to watch the second half along with Hearts v Hibs, Aberdeen v Ross County and a Livi supporting family watching their game on a phone. Every team above us is catchable with Aberdeen and Hibs particularly bad at the moment. I do think it is possible for us to catch at least one of the teams above us speaking personally I hope it’s Livi.
  9. According to the BBC that was *rangers first domestic defeat at ayebroke for more than 2 years it is less than 1 year since we dumped Gerard’s darlings oot of the cup. COYS
  10. A question for all the know-all’s out there........why are so many teams not declaring crowd numbers? Surely, with today’s video technology etc it is a lot harder to manipulate crowd figures than it was 20+ years ago.