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  1. If there is a bus going come via Peebles and I will organise a pub stop.
  2. Celtic have issued an apology to their fans, but looking at the statement they are not really apologising for their conduct. They are apologising to their own fans for getting caught.
  3. I am listening on Radio Scotland you can’t really mute the commentators on the wireless.
  4. What have we done in the past to upset Levein? Absolutely shocking bias against us.
  5. I have not seen it mentioned anywhere but does anyone know if the League Cup is affected by the partial shutdown in Scottish football?
  6. Celtic claiming there were MINOR slip-ups, in my view in a global pandemic lockdown situation no slip ups can be considered to be minor. Celtic also saying no laws or rules were broken, crass stupidity and grievous irresponsibility not being against the rules I suppose they have a case even with the usual incompetence of the Scottish football authorities bias towards the old squirm.
  7. Were we not unfairly “relegated” after the second world war. Also anyone who thinks it’s bad just now should have tried watching Saints anytime between 1976 & 1988. Some highlights in that era but a helluva lot more lowlights.
  8. Lakeland closing in January apparently.