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  1. I don’t think it would be a good idea to name a stand after TW at present when he is at a rival team. Some time in the future it may be an idea to name a stand after the 2014 squad as a whole rather than just TW. Also as regards a Perth tribute I would quite like to see the Broxden roundabout get a facelift and be Saints themed.
  2. Aye it’s deffinettly Sandy Stewart
  3. ejksjfc

    Scottish Cup

    It’s always a great time when you beat either of the old squirm but if we are to lose to them I personally would rather it was before the semi final stage. We are due a win against them soon.
  4. ejksjfc

    Scottish Cup

    What formula are Premier using to decide their second game of the fourth round seeing as they can’t use their usual.........match 1..Celtic v ?......match 2...rangers v ?
  5. ejksjfc

    Scottish Cup

    I see Dundee have the game advertised as 2.00 ok but Saints and SFA have it as 3.00. Perhaps this is the only way they think they will win. I also noticed that Dundee United are also 3.00 will this be the first time that they have both played at home at the same time.
  6. I think that must be the longest journey in the Scottish Cup, I know that Coldstream and Wick have been drawn against each other recently but extreme SW to almost extreme NE must be farther although I don’t know miles involved.
  7. It’s got to be up there, I still think Fraserburgh knocking out Dundee in 1959(?) is bigger, Dundee were actually pretty decent at that point. No doubt the numpties of the west coast media will still think Accies knocking out their beloved blue half of the bigot brothers is even bigger.
  8. I think what is important is that even when we were not getting results earlier in the season we were not playing badly. I can honestly say in my opinion that there were only two truly disappointing performances all season so far.......... the first game v Rangers (0-3). and Livi (0-2). Other games we didn’t handle particularly well after losing goals but did not really play badly and others got punished after having players stupidly sent off. Strangely enough I thought one of our worst performances was first half against Hibs in the semi.
  9. Fourth is not out of the question the way Aberdeen are playing. But I will be happy to qualify for Europe by winning the cup.
  10. I remember when he got “sent off” against Rangers the ref thought he was coaching the team from the sidelines. I think the linesman got bit by a police dog at the same game.
  11. Realistically yes............mathematically no.
  12. And the grounds are almost as close together as Taysides two wee teams.