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  1. Just about worth £15 but I thought the picture quality was poor and stream did keep falling off.
  2. That must be close to being the fastest goal Saints have ever scored.
  3. I have just bought the Hamilton PPV. It doesn’t look too good it is saying on countdown screen 11hours to match!!!!!
  4. I think it was Northampton I was thinking about they started and finished the 1960’s in Division 4 and were in Div1 in 1964/65. The period with Carlisle I mentioned they were actually top of Div 1 for a spell.
  5. I think Carlisle had 4 successive promotions followed by 4 successive relegations around the 1970’s
  6. My apologies I will now go to the naughty step until someone provides the answer.
  7. Let’s be positive please......when was the last time we scored 7 in a competitive match? Answers on a postcard please.
  8. F*** it it’s got to happen some time SJFC 1 CFC 0 Jason Kerr
  9. Priory Place.Building on extreme right still there as is very small part of building next door. Is it some of the buildings in this photo that collapsed onto the railway?
  10. I have never understood how a shop that size makes any money.