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  1. I took the decision to take 6 months x £9.99 as that will give me the final as well. It will also let me get some Scottish Cup games as well although that will undoubtedly be or both of the gruesome twosome unfortunately.
  2. If there is a bus going come via Peebles and I will organise a pub stop.
  3. Celtic have issued an apology to their fans, but looking at the statement they are not really apologising for their conduct. They are apologising to their own fans for getting caught.
  4. I am listening on Radio Scotland you can’t really mute the commentators on the wireless.
  5. What have we done in the past to upset Levein? Absolutely shocking bias against us.
  6. I have not seen it mentioned anywhere but does anyone know if the League Cup is affected by the partial shutdown in Scottish football?
  7. Celtic claiming there were MINOR slip-ups, in my view in a global pandemic lockdown situation no slip ups can be considered to be minor. Celtic also saying no laws or rules were broken, crass stupidity and grievous irresponsibility not being against the rules I suppose they have a case even with the usual incompetence of the Scottish football authorities bias towards the old squirm.
  8. Were we not unfairly “relegated” after the second world war. Also anyone who thinks it’s bad just now should have tried watching Saints anytime between 1976 & 1988. Some highlights in that era but a helluva lot more lowlights.
  9. Lakeland closing in January apparently.
  10. ejksjfc

    TV Games

    Saints on TV just now........they beat Stenhousemuir 2-0. Yes I am watching Porridge
  11. Just received my copy today. On a first quick scan through it I can’t argue with much of the content, although I think there are more deserving players than Alex Ferguson. Undoubtedly one of the greatest managers ever but as a player never really did any thing spectacular (I know, he scored a hat trick at Ibrox). There are more deserving players going on their contribution to Saints. As I said it looks excellent and is a very welcome addition to my Saints library.
  12. ejksjfc

    Celtic fans

    Two things that I find slightly bemusing, 1)why do Celtic always try to minimise trouble caused by their fans by saying it is just a minority causing trouble, as always it is a helluva big minority. All troublemakers should be found and banned. 2)Whilst I don’t want to start slagging off the police who have a hard enough job to do WHY were no arrests made? As has been said before scenes like that will put back the return of fans throughout Scotland by months.
  13. I do accept that given the gulf that exists money wise that septic should be expected to win these games. I do however think it is a wee bit disrespectful to Ross County to call it a humiliation, it’s not really a humiliation to be beaten by a team in the same division. Always happy to see either of the old squirm humiliated though.