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    New Manager

    News from the Peebles pubs.......oh no stop there .....hopefully he will he will be back
  2. If any club want to run a colts/B team put them into the now vastly expanded Highland/Lowland/Western leagues pyramid with no promotion for any team affiliated to a league club.
  3. It may be a stupid question but how do you know the number of any 50/50 you bought? (I assume they are not being sent out)
  4. Does this game count in the prediction league?
  5. ejksjfc


    That would worry me if she did that. In my view they are the most overrated pie in the SPFPSFPSFPL our steak and chorizo variety are far superior. I actually don’t see anything that KR has done (or not done) since she has arrived that has been detrimental to Saints. TW left for personal reasons saying the time was right. The pitch is getting its usual and perfectly normal annual maintenance. I think she may be very good for Saints in the long run.
  6. The end terrace upstairs and downstairs doors were both on Blair Street (no’s 1&2 Blair Street). No close for us but we did have a shared wash hoose and drying green.
  7. ejksjfc

    New Manager

    There seems to be a lot of people putting Callum Davidson as our new manager (something I would not be against). My question is, is he not still assistant manager at Millawall or has he left that post. If he is still in post this would probably make it financially unlikely to happen.
  8. Why can he not do both jobs? I have never understood why an international manager needs to be full time. With a decent back up team at Saints perhaps with the addition of an attack minded coach there would be no reason for him not to be able to do it.
  9. G Have you 2 been following the eScottish cup on Facebook as well as the real thing?
  10. There wasn’t a Simon lived there from 1963-1995........I know that for a fact because that is where I lived for all my time in Perth, my mother moved to shelter housing in ‘95 or thereabouts.
  11. There was a building opposite the bottom of Needles Road but was little more than a large wooden shed the only substantial stone building in that area was the one in the photo in the old goods yard above, it was used by Pickfords latterly.
  12. I think I maybe thought wrong with original but its not Gray St/ Glover St either.
  13. Just to confuse matters even more I am not even certain this is Perth. I thought the building had a look of the Ice Factory and the buildings in the background could have been something to do with the harbour. It’s not a building in Craigie or around the railway station that I can recall. It could possibly Aberdeenshire somewhere either Inverurie or Fraserburgh. Sorry if I have caused some confusion.
  14. I am not 100% sure but think this might be the Ice Factory from many moons ago?
  15. From the club who said that life and death was less important than football.
  16. Quite simply win our next 4 matches and we WILL be top 6 even 3/4 should be enough. And given the way some results have gone lately win 2 and we could just about scrape in. Hibs away next Saturday is the big one. COYS
  17. By your understanding of my post so are you.
  18. I wonder if the tannoy guy is taking requests for Sunday.
  19. ejksjfc

    Wage Bill

    At the end of the day I would rather have a realist like SB in charge rather than some dreamer like Brooks Mileson. I fully agree that at times Stevie can be overly negative but it is family’s money that is invested in Saints after all.
  20. I would suggest that we are perhaps more likely to go down than Rangers are to be champions. No feckin chance of either thankfully.
  21. Your post is extremely negative. Surely from a Saints perspective anything MORE than 3-0 loss would be a 2-0 or 3-1 loss or better. Anyway a good performance today and I for one am a wee bit disappointed to only get a draw. There is no way that that rangers team are any where near title contenders.