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  1. From the club who said that life and death was less important than football.
  2. Quite simply win our next 4 matches and we WILL be top 6 even 3/4 should be enough. And given the way some results have gone lately win 2 and we could just about scrape in. Hibs away next Saturday is the big one. COYS
  3. By your understanding of my post so are you.
  4. I wonder if the tannoy guy is taking requests for Sunday.
  5. ejksjfc

    Wage Bill

    At the end of the day I would rather have a realist like SB in charge rather than some dreamer like Brooks Mileson. I fully agree that at times Stevie can be overly negative but it is family’s money that is invested in Saints after all.
  6. I would suggest that we are perhaps more likely to go down than Rangers are to be champions. No feckin chance of either thankfully.
  7. Your post is extremely negative. Surely from a Saints perspective anything MORE than 3-0 loss would be a 2-0 or 3-1 loss or better. Anyway a good performance today and I for one am a wee bit disappointed to only get a draw. There is no way that that rangers team are any where near title contenders.
  8. Thursday......couldn’t get an answer on the phone all afternoon. Friday...........phone answered straight away the girl who answered spent 15+ minutes organising my tickets so we could all sit together. I finished the call at about 4.00 pm and tickets arrived in Peebles today great service yet again from the ticket office (and the post office)
  9. Macca scores winner for Raith.
  10. McDiarmid was the first new build all seated/all covered stadium in UK. Kilbowie was the first to be converted to all seating although this comprised planks of wood on piles of bricks. Aberdeen followed very soon after but that was also predominately bench seating same as Kilbowie.
  11. Even though Perth would make sense given the participating teams the SPFPFSPFL will probably play the final in Belfast.
  12. SJFC 2 the team previously known as rangers 1 Ali McCann 7890
  13. ICT need to get their act together in the 2nd half to set up Macca’s return to McDiarmid for the challenge cup final. I can’t see them playing the final in Perth if sevco kids get through.
  14. Admittedly Zanders form isn’t great but Perhaps TW sees in training that Parish is no better. I personally think we should stick with Zander for just now. The weather and pitch conditions certainly haven’t helped since the winter break.
  15. According to the FAQ’s email about the rangers game the turnstiles open at 6.30pm. This could be a bit of a sneaky move by Saints to grab their money but not let them see the game.......or it could just be a mistake.
  16. I’m with THE LARK SAINT on this one it’s feckin annoying when people can’t spell an integral part of Saints (also a club legend) correctly.