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  1. ICT need to get their act together in the 2nd half to set up Macca’s return to McDiarmid for the challenge cup final. I can’t see them playing the final in Perth if sevco kids get through.
  2. Admittedly Zanders form isn’t great but Perhaps TW sees in training that Parish is no better. I personally think we should stick with Zander for just now. The weather and pitch conditions certainly haven’t helped since the winter break.
  3. According to the FAQ’s email about the rangers game the turnstiles open at 6.30pm. This could be a bit of a sneaky move by Saints to grab their money but not let them see the game.......or it could just be a mistake.
  4. I’m with THE LARK SAINT on this one it’s feckin annoying when people can’t spell an integral part of Saints (also a club legend) correctly.
  5. Hearts win against rangers could give the crowd a boost so that would be good for Saints. Play like we have for the last few games and we are more than capable of taking something from this game. I would be happy with another 1-0 win.
  6. Celtic end(s) sold out so a good boost to the coffers. Personally I think anything better than a 3 goal deficit will be a “good” result. Celtic could be a bit over confident after rangers dropping points today. We are starting to play quite well but still a bit to go a decent performance would be appreciated.
  7. The tickets are all sold so that’s money in for Saints. I would imagine a big majority of that will be supporters clubs so you will still have the weegies standing in car park with handfuls of tickets stadium will be far from full.
  8. Arbroath away would be ideal (with Celtic and Rangers drawing each other)
  9. I think there is a hall of fame board in the reception area at McD. Fully agree ther should be something easily accessible in official site.
  10. Surely if the touts have handfuls of tickets Saints have already got the money for these. Unfortunately this decision had to come at some point but there hasn’t been anything close to a sellout for an old squirm game for quite a few years. I also think that fan movement/segregation could be more easily handled by moving the west stand fans to the east stand but that is never going to happen.