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  1. I am not wishing to back up the “authorities” involved but does JK meet the criteria as a “young” player?........... I know he no longer qualifies for the U21’s.
  2. Adams mutually consented at Plymouth (it took them long enough!)
  3. Fakes 1 The Real Saints 3 Jason Kerr 3456
  4. RIP Billy, a true legend from a time when Celtic captains had dignity and earned and deserved respect
  5. ejksjfc

    Winter Break

    Because the SPFFSPSFPL are pandering to the old squirm to allow them to feck off to Dubai or wherever there is a lucrative friendly awaiting.
  6. SJFC 7 DFC 2. (It’s happened before why not again) Callum Hendry 4567
  7. Does Peebles count as all over the world?
  8. You obviously never picked up on my ironic dig at myself, I thought the embarrassed smiley may have given that away, for that I apologise. My main point was that pre winter break we very slightly over achieved post winter break we have under achieved probably at the end of the season will have done neither. I would say overall I am slightly disappointed with what has happened this season but the 3 games against Celtic in a fortnight truly ****ed our season plus injuries have not been kind to us. We have the makings of a decent squad at McD but need a wee bit of luck with injuries and fixture scheduling neither of which have been kind to us this season.
  9. The season is 38 games long not just the last 10. If you look at the league predictions on here the majority of folk went for 6/7/8th which is where we are and more than likely finish. So no we have not underachieved we are where most folk (some deluded prats thought we would finish 4th ) thought we would be.
  10. In fairness the penalty was on target just no hard enough.
  11. Ando has just scored again.
  12. I fully understand why people would boo when teams take the ball into the corner, but we did it very well on Wednesday, and at the end of the day no matter how boring it was it was the right thing to do.
  13. Agree with all these posts!!! That may well be a contradiction in itself but I would love to get rid of all the diddy west coast teams starting with Accies then moving to the Fakes. I would much rather have Scumdee and the Arabs in the Premiership than either of those two. However it would give me a great amount of pleasure to put the final nail in the coffin of Dundee's inevitable relegation!!!
  14. I have now been watching football (between Saints and Scotland) for 50 years and I can honestly say that that is the worst performance I have seen from any team in all that time.
  15. ejksjfc

    Zander Clark

    A wee bit unfair picking on Fort William to make a point they scored a goal on Saturday (just a shame they let in 12)
  16. If we win our 4 games we will still have a good shout for top 6. Hearts can still be caught and both Hearts and Hibs have harder games than us. Of course as we are playing shit just now but win our game in hand against the fakes and we are safe from automatic relegation.
  17. I actually thought Tanser had a decent game against Livi, or at least less shite than the rest of the team. I think Joe has to decide NOW where he wants to play next season and if it is to be Aberdeen get him to feck out of the team straight away he has been a passenger since talk of a possible transfer has come out. Cammy Bell is an OK goalie decent enough as back up, he has been unfortunate to have come into the team when the whole defence have been pretty woeful, l honestly don’t think any of the games he has played in would have been different results with Zander in goal. (although I do think the sooner Zander is back the better). We are sitting relatively comfortably in the league at the moment due to our excellent run prior to the break, and if we win our 4 games before the split we should be in the top 6. There is maybe a bit of a sadist in me but I would perhaps rather be in the bottom 6 and help relegate Accies, although what could be more enjoyable than beating Dundee on the last day to send them down. (I would rather have Dundee and United in the Premiership than Accies and the fakes) Any type of win will do on Saturday...........COYS