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  1. I for one would be more than happy to see if Scottish football could live without either or both the OF. I honestly believe we would not only survive we would thrive!!! Heres hoping any way only one club matter to me. COYS
  2. As Ihave said on other threads when Iwas going to Muirton late 60's early 70's Igot alift over the turnstiles by random strangers. This led to me and my kids being lifelong Saintees. Now is the time to introduce this again obviously in a controlled manner, but even if every adult who came to McD "lifted 1 kid over the turnstile" it would still not be full. These kids would also hopefully spend money when inside the ground. I suppose what I am saying is LET KIDS IN FREE its not actually going to cost aything is it?
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    Today's PA

    not seen PA but definitly somerset park {great wee ground which I would love to visit again c'mon Ayr get your act together and get promoted) unfortunately last game at Muirton was lost 1-0
  4. Maybe our expectations are moving too far ahead of our ability (which is no bad thing) but I think a point and a clean sheet away from home against a team who have been on decent form recently is not bad. Hopefully that is the ship steadied and we move on and up against Dunfy. COYS
  5. agree about the steak and chorizo pie they were superb more of the same please. service always fine pricing good one small gripe the sauces must be the cheapest available they are awful but have more of said steak and chorizo pies and we wont need any.
  6. on last nights perfomance SL was right to change keepers. Iwould say Mannus was blameless for their goal defenders twice took the ball virtually from his hands and then couldnt clear it properly. Anyway onwards and upwards for european places. COYS
  7. I know this might be slightly off topic but Suarez is public enemy number 1 for not shaking hands at a sunday league game in england but the hearts manager refuses 2 handshakes from killie manager and the Scottish press think its abig joke whats the difference?
  8. Raydale, Gretna Central Park, Cowdenbeath and although I loved the place Muirton was a shithole in its last years
  9. Tuesdays game could quite easily go all the way to pens. for this reason only I would stick with Encks he has shown this season he is quality penalty stopper. I have never seen Mannus play but Ido think he deserves a chance.(maybe against Aberdeen)
  10. Purely as a matter of interest when IS the next Scotland game ? (please pardon my ignorance and laziness cos I cant be arsed going on to the SFA website)
  11. :laugh:seeing as we are talking about ugly footballers i dont think anyone will ever beat davie dodds although our very own Wullie Broon runs him close.
  12. I must correct the Saints fans in the crowd who were singing "you dont know what your doinng" aimed at ref . He knew exactly what he was doing the cheating *** ****!!!
  13. I offer my sincere apologies to the OS I now see apreview of this game is now on a whole 18 hors before the game!!!!
  14. I know it might be slightltly off thread but why is there no preview on the OS of a game which is now only 19 hours away. (and considering it is almost 5pm unlikely to be on tonight)?
  15. Go for it Saints never abetter time to beat this half of the bigot bros. Lets convince Fran it would be a mistake to go to ibrox. COYS
  16. I used to cycle to Blackruthven but got my bike pinched once (a wee shite fae hunters .......it was found near the reservoir? on crieff rd where the flats are now beside factory shop) after that i gave up.
  17. Maybe abit simplistic but I have always said (circa 1990s)it is better having 10,000 people paying £5 than 5,000 paying £10 or as it is today 4000 paying £10 than 2000 paying £20+. I do believe the £20 barrier is putting people off reduce it to even £18 or £19 and I think you would get quite a few more in.
  18. Maybe not on the same level but this season the club reduced the cost of the programme substantially (and to be fair the content did not shrink by as big a %). I have heard they are actually making more money on programme sales than they have for many years. Perhaps a lesson to be learnt there.
  19. I also got in for a tenner dont know if to be chuffed because he thought i was astudent or pissed off because he thought i was an oap. If all DAFC turnstyle ops are as careless that could be one of the reasons why they are in dire straits financially. All in all a great day to be a Saintee. Merry Christmas everybody.
  20. I was up in my loft today and found my 80's/90's SJFC shellsuit should I wear it or will I look a complete tit? Answers on a postcard please. I promise if I get any answers in the post tomorrow saying I should wear it,I will! COYS
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    :)What do you have if you have 23 old firm fans up to thier necks in sand?...................................................................... Not enough sand!!!!
  22. he may come across as a wee bit pat'n'mick but i for one would love to see him stay because he is without doubt a very talented striker who we are very fortunate to have on our books.COYS