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  1. Luv it Sixties! The only way to be, maybe I’ve missed an update? but if this game goes ahead in an empty stadium it’s a huge leveller, as is the game being so early in the season, with a very fit and professional squad and management. Make no mistake this Saints team will be hard to beat, very well organised, streetwise and laced with real quality. The assumption among most is that Saints cannot top the best season in their history, well getting past this mob and making the group stages would be a fair stab at continuing progress after last season’s heroics, bring it on! wishing you all the luck going! coys!
  2. Tough draw! But that’s why you want to be there, to play these games against these prestigious clubs. Another chapter of remarkable history being written regardless of the result.
  3. Fair comment mate, those were bad days! When panning windeez of opposition buses was a matter of honour subjecting opponents to a bitterly cold journey home on winter evenings was all part of the occasion. Not that gentlemen of our stature would ever stoop so low…. The Strand! Just before my time but the stuff of legend!
  4. Hoody can look after himself he just hates United so much he can’t resist chipping in whenever we do anything. This is of course his absolute right, where would football be if we all like every team? I am curious though Sixties, maybe you know, is he really a Hoodlum? Were you both in the Pack back in the day? I’m really a Smarmy Arab, smarmy as ****!
  5. This is what you said….really not twisting anything I think every club needs 4 CB’s ready to play at any given moment, a player of Mugrew’s experience will be vital for our squad next season, and yes I would not be afraid to pair him with Reynolds. Our 3rd choice was Connelly whose **** up on the opening day cost United top 6 last season!
  6. Celtic on Boxing Day is a plum! We’ve got Hibs on Boxing Day and St Mirren on the Wednesday hardly ‘nice holiday fixtures to bring the crowds out’ …….as for derby day, well it’s derby day, when both Dundee clubs are up you have to go to whoever is left, could have been worse, could have been up to ICT or Dingwall.
  7. 4 bottom 6 sides 2 at home, pretty good start! We have Aberdeen (a) Rangers (h) St J (a) hearts (h).
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    I suppose you’re right, I’m being harsh on the boy…just frustrated at a player at that level not picking the simple obvious pass, when we had clawed our way back into the game and were exerting real pressure for an equaliser. Instead he turned the play and exposed the defence.
  9. So what your saying is Dundee United’s new manager who is attempting to reshape the playing and coaching squad already has a 34 year old Mark Reynolds as part of their 25 player squad, so that’s enough experience and they have no need whatsoever for a 35 year old Charlie Mulgrew. Unless they ditch Reynolds? Well that’s an opinion……
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    Henry was as much to blame as Marshall, taking on a shot from there at that point in the game…..unforgivable
  11. What madness! Imagine bringing in experienced players to help develop young players….the whole thing is doomed!
  12. Catchy wee number spazz what’s the tune?
  13. You can have him! Pr*ck anyway!
  14. Yep definitely comparisons to cathro the old school commentariat will be sharpening their knives!
  15. Courts would be a huge gamble, top tier looks strong next season, be a brave move to put a rookie in!
  16. Very few Arabs I know think like this BH. After all, we have spent half the last 3 decades in relegation battles, 2 of Which we lost! The club have been in precarious position for the entire 21st century. There was a brief period 2008-2015 where we did bring through an astonishing number of young players Goodwillie, Russell, Gauld, Soutar, Armstrong, Robertson who would be capped, a load of others who passed through the club and went on to have good careers and make good money for the club, so maybe some fans think that was’s not and testimony to how good our management and youth set up was in those years. Rumours are that John Daly is the replacement, although Yogi seems to be a possibility, I’d be happy with either of them tbh. Young Calum has impressed, maybe we should give him a go...tried and tested won 2 trophies out of 3 I’m sure he won’t make the same mistake as Tommy ‘relegated’ Wright!
  17. Very happy with our season, we had to survive, and did with some room to spare. Finished a point behind the double winners at the split, plus the team of the season never got the better of the Mellons mighty tangerines!
  18. What did you have against Mickey Tranny?
  19. Mickey did a good job, won’t struggle for a gig, leaves with his reputation in tact, relegation could have been fatal for United. Lots of rumours Jon Daly is set to return to Tannadice.
  20. The way this season has gone I thought you might win Eurovision last night!
  21. I never normally vote in these polls, kinda feel it’s not my place, but chipped in on this special occasion. Very hard to pick one, I went for Kane, what a performance! Played like a lion up front, threw himself at everything and every one, bought half a dozen free kicks at crucial points in the game, (made Boyle look like a f*nny when he tried!) street wise, aggressive, no little skill, scared the sh*t out of Hibs defence for 90 mins. For the stick he has taken over the years, he stepped up and delivered one of his best displays in a Saints shirt. Most effective player on the park, with one of the most difficult roles. Epitomised everything about the team performance.
  22. Fabulous achievement stands with any in the entire history of Scottish football! After 10iaR bring rammed down our throats for the last decade, totally smothered by a Saints double! Celebrate lads! You are slowly catching up with the Dundee United’s of this world!
  23. Wee ditty to begin the build up proper!