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  1. No apology to St Johnstone in their shitty corporate agent statement. Hope they get relegated.
  2. Integrity and public health are out of the window if Hamilton game goes ahead. St Johnstone have to be awarded three points here. Utterly ridiculous on every level that St Johnstone are penalised for the atrocious actions of others. We need a strong club statement here. Our club is being treated with complete contempt. Aberdeen can join Hearts and Sevco on the naughty step.
  3. St Johnstone are victims of the reckless actions of others. I see no other option than to award us the three points. Postponing it without a penalty sends the wrong public health message completely. League will become meaningless
  4. Have the players broken their bubble and attended a pub? If so I would be furious if I was on the Aberdeen board/management team. Reckless.
  5. Will be interesting. This will be a Health board decision regarding game.
  6. A decent point. Would be interested to hear the views of those who saw the 90plus minutes, as BBC regarded Mikey's red as inevitable and poor management regarding not subbing him prior. Three points next Saturday. COYS
  7. I got so frustrated with the poor platform regarding a finance option for season ticket that I gave up. It never worked for me on three different devices using Chrome and Mozilla.
  8. I heard that. If a machine that size has problems, then a degree of apprehension is understandable.
  9. Fingers crossed technology works.
  10. I think that was uncalled for. We are notoriously slow at this aspect of marketing and organisation. Your comments regarding Covid 19 in relation to my comment are distasteful, opportunistic and promote alienation. Let's move on shall we. Deary me.
  11. For a club in the top flight, that is embarrassing if true.
  12. First two home games live on Sky.
  13. Yeh, tried that....nothing. Will need to phone club I think.