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  1. The events of Sunday in clear view. The disgusting face of fascism, loyalism and the union. https://bellacaledonia.org.uk/2021/03/08/archie-oprah-and-the-battle-for-george-square/
  2. Scotland's shame.....period.
  3. Dirty dirty Sevco. That's totally a straight red. What a joke!
  4. One of the best performances in years. Incredible. Massive effort Saints. Brilliant
  5. He's an erse tae. Stick tae yer shoes Ian.
  6. Well done Saints. We needed that statement. Great work. Continuous paranoia fae Lennon.
  7. Society is just not taking this seriously and football is right in the middle of the problem
  8. Running before the impending destination of relegation
  9. That Ross County goal was nothing short of a disgrace.