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  1. Think we need to find/announce our manager pretty soon.
  2. There is no way St Johnstone would remotely consider the Hearts rescue plan.
  3. That's 6 days now since they received and put through refund and still not in my account. Anyone else in the same position?
  4. 14 team league.....boring. The proposals for European play off are straight from Dominic Cummings vision eyesight policies. Utter crap.
  5. Sent Hibs tickets back and gave details. Club say it could be between 3-5 days after this before you get the refund.
  6. What's Jimmy Calderwood doing these days?
  7. Well done Saints!! Another top.6 finish. Brilliant stuff.
  8. Got it working eventually. Great memories. Great touch at half-time with a remembrance to our comrades lost. Nice to hear the interview with Buzz also. COYS!
  9. Good luck to him. Did a decent job and has had to deal with a lot of crap. All the best Swanny.
  10. What reconstruction are "we" considering? 14 team flight is a non-starter. For clubs like us it could mean endless boring fixtures from Feb-Msy.
  11. I'll have what this guys is drinking