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  1. Playing St Johnstone......best pack the home kit. Morons.
  2. Good start at Clyde. Scored that goal. Early form at Derby decent. Aberdeen was a disaster. I think any apprehension in previous posts is based on observations and feeling. Those posts are as valid as anyone. The frequency of self-righteous posts on this forum are draining.
  3. New T shirts available. Blue Star effort is very smart.
  4. Callum's opinion is all that matters. He has not been that tactful in his opinion of Kane. He is not a fan. To be honest he has stagnated for a while which is a shame. Some of his performances over the last 2 seasons have been way short of top flight quality.
  5. In my opinion.... We don't get anywhere near enough bodies going forward at the moment. There were some good spells today, but at the back of my mind there was a feeling of "we ain't going to score" Our goals per game ratio (current) is not in the glass half full category.....in my opinion.
  6. Opinion, opinion, opinion. Is this a democratic thread?
  7. Massive shoes to fill. Let's hope he can settle in.
  8. Was just thinking that! Drey back within 12 months....
  9. McNamara looks a great (loan) signing.
  10. Killie goalfest puts us in top 6! Totally deserved 3 points.
  11. Looking like a recurring story at the moment.
  12. We are playing two CONWAY'S according to Twitter.
  13. St Mirren have put together a decent squad. Saturday is a must not lose for me. We have struggled to score goals in recent years, just hoping for a bit of luck this Saturday. COYS
  14. Tommy certainly in the minority for rating Kane. Interesting when Callum stated earlier that Kane has plenty to work on, to improve his game. I think many Saints fans identified that years ago.