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  1. Another quality thread from kick back on their love of Tommy and our eye bleeding football https://www.hmfckickback.co.uk/index.php?/topic/187566-in-hindsight-tommy-wright/
  2. As said before should have copied their business model closed the bottom rows and charged them £29 all the name of health and safety. Also the wee rangers forum is quality reading whole threads on their hatred of big Tam and the penalty
  3. Should really be following their business model -close a couple rows at the front and charge them £29
  4. excellent again yesterday - Scotland’s loss
  5. Big game next Saturday but Hearts wanting £29 is a joke
  6. Well you wouldn’t want to rely on the bbc ones
  7. Think we missed an opportunity by not getting Callum Davidson back on board. Anyway good luck at Millwall sir
  8. Interview in today evening news https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/people/leiths-danny-swanson-reflects-his-time-hearts-and-hibs-he-looks-ahead-life-after-football-699951
  9. Did Spoony not play full back in a game at Aberdeen. Think it was the one we had to win to qualify for Europe not sure thou.
  10. Hopefully bulletproof hits the ground running this week - have my doubts thou
  11. That aside the foul given for their first goal looked soft especially when Mikey was taken out just after and no foul given
  12. Brilliant fight from the team today- would have been three points if the ref did his job. on a side note hope the grounds man enjoyed injury time- parading down London road before kick off in his Hibs top
  13. Can’t even get Tristan Nydam back out injured for six months. This transfer window is a complete and utter shambles
  14. Being linked with Hibs oli shaw on loan https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/hibs/latest-hibs-news/st-johnstone-lead-premiership-loan-chase-for-hibs-striker-oli-shaw-1-4984200