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  1. Don't know why everyone is raving about Shanklands goal. I thought Chris Kanes tricky little dragback through his own legs right on the touchline was a far superior piece of skill.
  2. Seems Danny impressed his manager. https://londonnewsonline.co.uk/millwall-defender-used-his-energy-to-sap-attacking-intent-of-boreham-woods-star-man/
  3. I think if Ali gets his place established in the Northern Ireland set up, his price will rise considerably.
  4. Joe Carr was a bit of a penalty specialist as well I see that has already been said! Sorry
  5. Good luck Danny. He has been great for us this year.
  6. Got the first hour- only lost about 5 mins- but at the 1 hour mark I lost everything and never got it back. Missed 3 Saints goals. Annoyed.
  7. 4-0 up and loving it. Then I lost the signal and missed 3 goals Also pissed off.
  8. I dont think the players are as smart as Calum gives them credit for . I dont believe they understand the system they are supposed to be playing- they missed the part where he explained that the objective was to put the ball in the effing net. Depressing. As if we didnt have enough depression from Corona virus.
  9. Would have gone for Hendry, but Mikey's goal was something special.
  10. I have to say Scott Tanser went way up in my esteem after the way he handled that red card tackle. No theatricals, no writhing on the ground pretending to be seriously injured, no chasing after the referee. He just got up and walked away. Respect.
  11. Thats a relief. I thought it was just me screwing it up!