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  1. I’m with you ... I agree she does not need anymore airtime... my point being that the extra income from playing Hearts would have helped a little ... particularly if we are going down the route of games broadcast online... there are a lot of Hearts fans that would pay to see closed door games of which saints would get a cut. The Scottish game is in crisis... teams need as much money as they can. Hearts would have helped. However, for many other reasons... they should go down in my opinion.
  2. Yep, I agree with what a lot of people are saying. There is no way she will get the support she needs ... and ... who in their right mind would want to go through all this again in 2 years’ time?! It doesn’t add up. She makes a good point about throwing out a club in a time of crisis ... but I feel we’ve lost so much ground having to listen to their complaints that the best thing is for them to go. It’s like asking the guy who brought all the beer to the party to go home because he’s wasted and starting to smash ornaments.
  3. Thanks guys! Very much appreciated!
  4. Thank you do much! Much appreciated. Massive complement!
  5. I know, I know... we all hate it, "it's political voting" but please, just hear a fellow Saintee out. To cut a long story short, I wrote a song for the U.K recently, which got rejected. A Romanian Pop Star has since picked it up and is submitting it for Romanian consideration. She won it for Romania last year as a backing singer. Can I please ask that if you have a YouTube account, could you please give it a "thumbs up". It would really help increase its profile. There are still qualifying rounds to get through but if you could put your differences with the competition to one side and help support a fellow Saintee - that would be amazing. Thank you so much... Wonks
  6. I have £5 in Saints to win 1-0 and for the ref to get a injured tripping over a sprinkler in the 73rd minute. Hope it comes in!
  7. I think it's gonna be an exciting match with a fair amount of fans. I'm there.
  8. I'm just going to pretend that this is the away game to Minsk but it's at home.
  9. Sorry just saw the change in date on the web site.
  10. We are just going to have to revive the cardboard fans from the Ormond cupboard and send them over.
  11. Look, we need to wear replica shirts incase a player gets injured and only someone in the crowd can replace him due to all the subs being wiped out due to an unknown virus. Having the strip on at the game makes it easier for club officials to identify who is a genuine fan, otherwise they could end up fielding a fan from the opposing team, which would be a bit silly.
  12. Not that it's that important but are season ticket holders entitled to their seat if someone is already occupying it for this game?
  13. Having said that they probably only have a license for tables only... would make a pretty sight though
  14. Just putting it out there. Photo taken today outside Perth Concert Hall