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  1. 1- 0 Saints (us) Chris 'goal machine' Kane 0000
  2. trying to do fractions for the first time in 23 year, never remember it being this hard.
  3. Sat inside today as it's about 40 degress out there, no sign of snow.
  4. Happy new year to you all from South Sudan.
  5. flight has been confirmed, days to push down here then back to civilisation..... well Norfolk.
  6. A closed door game would be beneficial, even if to sharpen up and get some minutes
  7. Apart from Celtic losing, there can't be much to write about.
  8. lets take the positives- It was the first game of the season, so we were a little rusty. We scored 2 goals. we rescued a point. Zander saved a penalty.
  9. Who was the last player that we brought in that was successful? Cuptie, muzz, sandaza, sheridan?
  10. I want us to bring in a 10 - 15 goals striker, a midfielder that will run games , etc , etc But are we, as supporters, expecting too much for a club like ours?