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  1. The defence offers exhibit A: Very important header won
  2. Looked like a great attendance. A lot of season ticket holds might just have lost friends though 😅
  3. When I saw him at Airdrie I didn't ever expect him to able to connect a header or shot, he has now bettered SPFL superstar Theo Bair in his time at Saints. Maybe he was rusty then but it's an astonishing turn around from someone who didn't look like they knew a knee from an elbow. I was very much wrong.
  4. BBC was raving about his shot stopping, you sound very harsh on him. Are you the David Marshall fan? 😂
  5. Will our approach be different if we start the game in 11th place tomorrow rather than where we are? A result for County tonight isn't so far fetched.
  6. Don't think you will be able to tempt him back from Orkney at the moment 😅
  7. Great to see a forum member now part of the media team at Saints 🤣 hopefully these two tremendous reporters will see us heading in the correct direction now. Brilliant work from the club.
  8. There are a few at Broxden so I presume the close proximity to the A9 is one of the things that keep them sustainable?
  9. I am fairly certain there was a Saints baseball jacket in the Bukta era.
  10. Detailed negotiations with Perth club owner, Geoff Brown, are progressing well – so much so that the Scottish Football Association has now been notified about the potential for foreign investment at McDiarmid Park. An agreement over a sale could even be reached before the end of the season. The US investor, who has a legal background, was a guest of Saints earlier this month and, along with an associate, attended the Premiership matches against Ross County and Hearts during a week-long stay in Scotland. Having been involved in talks for several months before then, he liked what he saw and discussions have advanced significantly since the trip. The number of parties interested in a takeover has run into double figures but no others have got anywhere near to this stage. Brown has previously admitted that the vast amount of prime site land at McDiarmid has proved to be problematic in terms of finding a suitable buyer. For any deal to get completed, legal guarantees would be put in place on that front. Saints will also be provided with proof of funding that underpins the bid and the future running of the club. It is understood the prospective buyer assessed the landscape in leagues across England and Europe before setting his sights on St Johnstone. A deal being completed over the next few months is looking increasingly possible, meaning Saints could be foreign-owned for the first time in their 140-year history.
  11. I am pedantic too, so you should have highlighted the original post not one half way through it 😉