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  2. From all reports it is the bonuses that seem to be the best bit of the contracts Saints hand out.
  3. County and United have placed all playing staff on furlough, Hearts and Hibs have gone for wage cuts - surely Saints will need to do something shortly?
  4. The BBC are taking a look back at an old cup game today
  5. Bit older but made his feelings clear here "After Chelsea, St Johnstone are definitely next in terms of how I feel about a club. It will always be like that. “They are the next result I look for and I’m always rooting for them. “I spent the longest time there apart from Chelsea. “The time with Saints was important to me. I had a great relationship with the supporters and I fell back in love with football in my time with the club.”
  6. It does seem so: "Morris (29) is a free agent after being released by Millwall, where he played with Saints boss Derek McInnes last summer. “Jody is training with us and we plan to sign him until the end of the season,” said McInnes last night."
  7. The club are promoting the lotto as a good way to get some money into the club:
  8. Good article here with a Brown not being full of doom and gloom, which is quite something given the times we are in The Perth businessman, who handed over the reins at McDiarmid Park to son Steve eight years ago, still has the majority shareholding in the club. And he still has strong opinions on how the SPFL can prosper. Playing on a Friday is now part of the landscape and Brown believes it should become the norm rather than the exception. “If I had my way – which isn’t likely to happen – I’d have all games played on a Friday night,” said Brown. “The whole lot. “Nobody can give me a good reason for that not to happen. “Think about it. Families do much more at the weekend than they do on a Friday night. “There are so many more things to take people away from the football on a Saturday – and by the time we get the football started again after this break, people will have got into different weekend habits. “I’ve never heard any complaint in a boardroom about playing on Friday nights. They complain about lunchtime kick-offs and about playing on a Sunday, but not Fridays. “I hear the: ‘Oh we’ll have to travel to so and so on a Friday night’ argument. But no club is taking a huge travelling support around the country these days and even the Old Firm have a lot of supporters local to the area they are playing at on a particular day.” Brown would also split the country across the middle as far as the bottom two divisions are concerned. He said: “Leagues one and two should be regionalised. Having the likes of Stranraer travelling to Forfar is absolutely ridiculous.” As far as finishing this season goes, Brown doesn’t believe there is any point in making solid preparations for a resumption until an end to the pandemic is in sight. “If we get a date to start, we can plan around that,” he said. “You can’t really plan until that point. “Things can then be done around the club when that happens – like working on the pitch for example. You’ll be starting to get some growth if there’s a rest period. “The players are already into a close season so that’s not a problem. “People have forever been talking about summer football and that could end up happening this year.” Meanwhile, Brown has sympathy with the Ann Budge’s stance that calling the leagues on the basis of current positions would be intolerable. “Legally, there’s a competition and it’s to play 38 games,” he said. “That has to happen. “Ann Budge was right that the leagues have to be completed. It’s hard to disagree with that. “Would it be a big deal scrapping the League Cup for one year to help catch up? I don’t think so.”
  9. You can't buy class like that. A great statement.
  10. Wonder if the agent is getting a bit more desperate now. Can't see us offering anything until we know when the league is going to get going again unless it is a very low value.
  11. As you know, that is what armature football is for - you can't run a professional league without fans. Come now, football is a very minor matter when it comes to lives being lost. There was absolutely no need for anyone at the club to say they were disappointed unless they were completely unaware of how this virus progresses. Look at the statement from Klopp - "football is the most important of the least important things". Being disappointed that people are trying to safeguard others feels short sighted to me.
  12. I don't know whether to be delighted or saddened that football is so important to you that you are disappointed it has been postponed for a virus that is wiping out vulnerable people. Ready the statement for Klopp and see why class can not be bought.