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  1. Callum hoping to get Glenn Middleton back next season: “He’s worked really hard from the day he arrived here and the more I can get him involved, the better he’ll be for us. “But if he does unbelievably well for me in the next five or six games I probably won’t get the chance to keep him!” Davidson added: “He’s great about the place, he wants to learn and has a really positive attitude about everything he does. “We’ll be looking to get him more game-time and then have a conversation with Rangers about next season. Hopefully that’s something we can think about. “I think he’s at the stage in his career where he now needs sustained matches.” The article also mentions him scouting some championship games.
  2. Former Scotland midfielder Craig Bryson is open to the idea of extending his St Johnstone career for a further season.
  3. It is insane that they are even considering cancelling the games.
  4. From the sounds of it Chris Kane doesn't have a passport.
  5. The SFA staying silent, they hope we finish above them so it saves them a decision?
  6. Most Dundee United fans seem delighted with this news.
  7. Result: 3 points - Liam Craig 13 votes 43% 2 points - David Wotherspoon 5 votes 17% 1 point - Glenn Middleton 4 votes 13% Points to date 27 - Ali McCann 22 points - Chris Kane 21 points - Danny McNamara + David Wotherspoon 20 points - Shaun Rooney 19 points - Liam Craig 13 points - Stevie May + Michael O'Halloran 12 points - Scott Tanser + Guy Melamed + Jamie McCart 8 points - Zander Clark + Jason Kerr 6 points - Murray Davidson + Craig Conway 5 points - Craig Bryson 3 points - Elliot Parish + Callum Hendry 1 point - Callum Booth + Glenn Middleton
  8. Its the first email I have had from them in a long long time. You will find I have been actively complementary of the recent communications on here so your dig is a bit off course there.
  9. Don't know what is more impressive - Callum winning it or the club sending out the news in an email!
  10. They are on a decent enough run when you look at the form of the teams between 5th and 10th. There are only five or six games left so their current form would be enough to see them get into the play offs. Sacking him would be madness, which isn't beyond Dundee.
  11. Not to take anything away from Spoony but the keeper avoided the ball like a Cayman Island company dodging tax.
  12. With the Championship being so tight I don't think they would risk it.
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