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  1. Will this be another 50+ game season?
  2. Going to a real live gig on Saturday night, hopefully, as a non-season ticket holder, I can also get to a game of football a week on Thursday!
  3. A wee thread here of all the goings on with draws etc.
  4. We could be doing with less of the assists and creating opportunities
  5. I guess that might be a bonus of getting a player from such a huge club, they won't be swinging back in January to pick him up for their first team.
  6. When I look at that home top I just get the impression there is a route available for the away top to be a white inversion of it, not sure if that spans from the shorts.
  7. Some form of kit launch is happening today at 5: Must be the first season in WAP history that there hasn't been a kit topic unless I missed it?
  8. "Finance Secretary Kate Forbes said the plan was for Scotland to move to level zero on 19 July, with remaining legal restrictions lifted on 9 August. "We are lifting the limits and lifting as much of the legal restrictions as possible. So that means physical distancing, it means the attendee caps on, for example, life events like weddings or being in stadiums and that kind of thing.""
  9. Although not a streaker one of the rare pitch invasions by the ginger guy that, thankfully, kept his clothes on:
  10. I forgot about that one too haha was it v Hibs in the cup at Tynecastle?
  11. "Aberdeen manager Stephen Glass say the club will play "hardball" over their players after rejecting a £2m bid from Watford for midfielder Lewis Ferguson." He is probably a good benchmark for McCann's value - Ferguson may have more goals but was a main penalty taker for Aberdeen and doesn't have the international experience.
  12. I remember two during the Sturrock days. The now infamous chap that jumped the fence with plenty of clearance. There was also another guy who got caught/gave no real chase. I believe the court let him off as he said he raised money for charity.
  13. Got to wonder - what has Liam Gordon done wrong? Is it only a matter of time before bids come in for him?