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  1. Are clubs still training in small numbers rather than full squads so that outbreaks can be contained and thus not infect the full squad?
  2. Yeah more info on the BBC saying it will be fine: "New lockdown restrictions imposed on the city of Aberdeen will not impact Aberdeen's Scottish Premiership visit to St Johnstone on Saturday. Footballers and club staff are tested regularly and can still travel. The SPFL has been told the fixture in Perth will go ahead as planned. Aberdeen are scheduled to host Hamilton at Pittodrie next Wednesday and, as things stand, that game is also unaffected. On Tuesday, it was announced that there were no positive results from the latest round of coronavirus testing among Scottish clubs."
  3. One thing is for sure Captain @PanamaSaint would be finding it very funny that all the votes are being cast based on viewing the game online rather than in person.
  4. There was, Ghostie gave up on it though not sure if it was Muzz that never returned it. Think the youth one went back down south to the lower leagues as well. For the 2018/19 season there wasn't any interest in purchasing a trophy again and last year I never got into doing the polls.
  5. Never got started last season but it is back: the trophy-less WAP Player of the year poll. Poll closes next Monday at 12.00.
  6. The BBC not far behind: They also mention our new signing Jason O'Halloran
  7. Looks like Hendry finally signed that contract : Wonder if this helped:
  8. Yep even the biggest clubs often just get a stock Nike top. I remember Man Untied had one which Dundee United also had along with half the amateur teams in Glasgow. oh the disgrace.
  9. No need to apologise, we hate him too:
  10. Callum is in agreement about it handing advantage to the big clubs:
  11. garydavidson


    Wowser did they get someone from the BBC to write that? "After a good of substitutions from both sides, a foul on the forward by Ash Taylor in the 74th minute saw the ref point to the spot, the penalty being expertly by Tanser."
  12. A few honking kits in here:
  13. garydavidson

    John Davies

    I still have those cards somewhere and I am sure there is another mistake on them. Here is the one for Inglis: Also a google search just brought up a recent interview with him which is quite interesting:
  14. A bit harsh? The guy moans at every turn concerning how football is a burden on him. I don't understand how moving onto the board during these times is any easier than last time he was on it. I really don't see any benefit to Saints.
  15. Another easy bet to score against us next season, Shaughnessy signed for St Mirren.