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  1. It would be funny to trawl back through this forum to watch the opinions of Ando developing and some just constantly being against him. Hoodlum sums it up though - a legend and that will be shown in the history books even if it isn't everyone's view point.
  2. garydavidson


    2007/08 was played on grass. Where did you find the definition of a hybrid pitch being artificial? Seemingly FIFA approves hybrid pitches but not fully synthetic pitches. "Hybrid-grass systems are considered natural grass according to FIFA’s requirements and hybrid reinforcement should be considered for stadium pitches.” -
  3. garydavidson


    and the one in Russia was covered in grass: I was under the impression that it was plastic too but after a google yesterday I discovered it was covered with a grass surface.
  4. Saints statement: Following Friday’s private meeting regarding views on league reconstruction, the Board would like to outline the Club’s position on the matter to our supporters. Firstly, we’d like to state categorically that as a Club we are not against reconstruction. In fact, our Chairman Steve Brown has been a vocal supporter of league reconstruction for a number of years and in that time, he has spoken to numerous clubs throughout the divisions. He has also raised the topic of league reconstruction at Premiership meetings. Although clubs were open to the idea, it was never taken forward to a formal discussion. St. Johnstone Football Club was heavily involved in the last league reconstruction discussions. The process began in November 2012, and by April 2013, the Premiership clubs thought they were in a position to clear the formidable 11-1 voting hurdle. Unfortunately, it did not obtain the necessary support required. It was more than apparent prior to our discussions last Friday that the majority of clubs both in the Premiership and elsewhere wanted a permanent solution. With this in mind, we were of the opinion, that it was unrealistic to overcome the many intricacies and complexities involved in pushing through any reconstruction proposals in such a short space of time. We were concerned that there was a potential risk to the broadcast deal which is the only realistic source of income for all 42 clubs for the foreseeable future. In our opinion, it would be negligent and reckless to do something with the knowledge that it could likely have a detrimental effect to income sources. Lastly, we are keen to stress that the issue of league reconstruction should not be taken off the table and we remain open to future discussions.
  5. The approach seems to be no, no, no so won't need approval from Brown for that.
  6. garydavidson


    I assume players on furlough can't mention it, very strange situation.
  7. Wonder which poor sod at a betting firm is having to wade through P&B and WAP.
  8. Robert Thomson in the Sun crediting the disastrous January transfer window with Tommy leaving. Isn't he one of the journalists that is correct on everything Saints? Tommy is hardly going to pin the blame on someone in a leaving interview. Some reports also say his wife never lived in Perth. It is a damn shame we are discussing our greatest ever manager in a thread with this title. It is also appalling that there is the possibility he left because of Steve or Kirsten. Sad times indeed and we are now faced with the biggest decision since we sacked Totten and replaced him with a hopeless manager.
  9. Think Liam Craig will still be kept on for his media work and also he is Chairman of the PFA so would need to continue those duties. The others who are kept on would may be anyone that is injured or involved in media work, basically anyone who is still under the direction of the club.
  10. Here is the article -
  11. That is putting in a lot of effort to save Hearts.
  12. As Mainstand says you would just have to rely on them using their knowledge of what they have had to do before to get through it. That is what will be happening for those teams that have already furloughed their teams.
  13. My understanding is that if they are given any plans or instructions they can't be furloughed. If they are training using a club training plan or even meal plan they can't be furloughed. In an office environment reading an email is considered a breach of the rules. You need to cut the players off to work by themselves which I am sure they should be able to do by now.
  14. The BBC has an interview with Richard Foster Seems a bit oblivious as to why Amy McDonald was getting abuse from Saints fans!