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  1. Maybe because you're not selecting premier sports via sky platform? That's what I did and it then shows at £5 for 2 months when you go to pay for it.
  2. Code is still working, just signed up.
  3. Think you have to give 30 days notice before the next payment is due.
  4. It's days like this that I'm glad I didn't buy a season ticket.
  5. Saints have done their best to kill the feel good factor with every opportunity since the cup win.
  6. Ryan doesn't have a mobile phone. Also he's still doesn't have any internet.
  7. I was looking at that one but having to stay overnight in London on the Friday as the the next flight up is Saturday afternoon was putting me off. That would be 4 nights accommodation plus the edinburgh to stansted flights on top of the £56. Maybe £350 for flights and hotels.
  8. You are correct that D is 8 but D1 is for 16 passengers and is valid in France.
  9. Only if you passed your test after January 97. Before January 97 and you can drive category D1, up to 16 passengers.
  10. I really have to explain? I was prepared to spend it this week but how can I when It's now the weekend and go away Monday morning? Over to you Einstein....
  11. I need to explain??? Jees.......
  12. I give up! Read the thread and you might just understand it rather than talking crap
  13. Well I'm one that would have bought one if they were out earlier. I'm off to vegas on Monday and was prepared to take £300 out of my spending money for a season ticket if they had them available a week ago. I can now only hope I win in vegas or I'm back to spending my £22 on 5-10 games next season.
  14. Exactly but then again mainstand would argue black was white, just a little bit blinkered with anything saints do if you ask me.