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  1. This is unreal.... Thanks for the company John........RIP from Canada.
  2. Going by the BBC (EBC) live texts updates Saints are not playing...!! Its all about Aberdeen and Willie fckn Miller. Its so ****n obvious and im in Canada. COYS
  3. I did pay Aberdeen and Hearts in the past...(And i still could ) Also i can watch every game here against the you know who, as they show most of there games live,and if they don,t then there are local establishments the ugly sisters frequent that stream all there games so i could see saints free there. I don,t think i would watch every saints game as unfortunately they show 3 or 4 live BPL games on TSN and Sporstnet at 3pm on a Sat (8 am here) and sometimes its nice to watch Man U V Everton and listen to open all mikes and also have the lap top on live text. Maybe thats just me but i doubt there would be more that 20/30 who would pay to see every saints game when the old firm games are on anyway...?
  4. Ach its ok !! But what do i know i wisnae at the cup final and the wife left me on the 30th May 2014. (you work it out)
  5. Ha Ha John i am drooling at my desk... I should tell you the story of the 2 rolls of 0rkney black pudding The Canadian sniffer dog and the chef at the local Calgary golf club..!
  6. FFS.. Need to beat Inverness next Weds...Or its squeaky bum time...
  7. Why do we have to pay Hibs and not Saints when streaming ? When will saints get out of the 1980s ?