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  1. Think they had losses of £200k and debt of £400k, for the year 2018/19. Hearts refusing to offer refunds on season tickets, even for fans who email to request one due to losing their job (a Hearts fan on twitter has been showing the emails).
  2. Aberdeen and Motherwell both claimed to have a "record" amount of first week season ticket sales too.
  3. Youd guess once this latest proposal from Budge fails then that'll be reconstruction in the bin, at last. They can then sell a season ticket for a usual season. Aberdeen chairman apparently saying January is the earliest they expect fans in the ground again.
  4. Struthers was a striker wasnt he? Bannatyne and Hamilton are both listed as midfielders, but I've no idea if that's central or out wide. Robertson and Northcott have both played out wide for the first team already.
  5. I'm sure I checked a few weeks ago, and attendances were higher against United the season they got relegated than any game against Hearts this season.
  6. Not sure that's fair, theres bound to be Saints fans with families to support who have lost their jobs through this. A refund for a product they never got might help support them. From what other clubs have said, it depends on what the small print says in the "contract" for the season ticket as to how much you could try and claim back.
  7. Club advised that any fan wanting to help the club just now should contribute to the Youth Development Fund... ... season tickets wont be for sale until next seasons set up is confirmed.
  8. Social distancing in the stadium is fine, until everybody decides they want a pie/pish at half time.
  9. RandomGuy

    New Manager

    Aye. Either way some Scottish clubs arent going to make it through this, at one level or another. People demanding we make signings just now are missing the point. Next season will be entirely about surviving as a club, no matter what division it sees you end up in.
  10. RandomGuy

    New Manager

    We could end up making no matchday income next season as theres a real chance every game has to be played behind closed doors. You can talk about German football returning, but the amount of money they're spending to get games on is astronomical. They hire out an entire hotel for one squad, who all stay in separate rooms. They then hire multiple buses to get the squad to the game so they can keep their distance. Multiple tests are done before and after the game (an EFL League Two chairman claims it costs £18k per match if they do it, not sure if that's just one test or multiple). Theres a real chance Scottish football cant start up again until January. We have a solid squad just now who could see us avoiding relegation over a season, surely people see that you cant spend a fortune this Summer if you dont need to? You cant be reckless when theres no guaranteed income.
  11. McCart is contracted until 2022. Depends if they want long term deals, you cant force them to sign it.
  12. RandomGuy

    New Manager

    Scott Burns is saying St Johnstones preferred option is Callum Davidson.
  13. Courier said last week that Cleland was helping make the decisions on players. In saying that I think it's been obvious for a while who would be getting offered deals. Youd guess Anderson, Swanson and McMillan would be on relatively high wages, and all three played zero part since January. Callachan also played no part being out on loan. Johnstone was a strange signing to start with.
  14. St Johnstone 2020/21 Goalkeepers 1: Zander Clark (27) - 2022 12: Elliot Parish (29) - 2021 N/A: Ross Sinclair (19) - 2021 Defenders 2: Wallace Duffy (21) - 2021 3: Scott Tanser (25) - 2021 4: Jamie McCart (22) - 2022 15: Jason Kerr (23) - 2022 23: Liam Gordon (24) - 2021 N/A: Shaun Rooney (23) - 20?? Midfielders 10: David Wotherspoon (30) - 2021 18: Ali McCann (20) - 2023 17: Michael O'Halloran (29) - 2021 Strikers 14: Stevie May (27) - 2021 22: Callum Hendry (22) - 2022 Contract expiring but offered new deal: Murray Davidson, Liam Craig, Drey Wright, Chris Kane. Contract expiring and free to leave: Max Johnstone, Steven Anderson, Ross Callachan, Danny Swanson, David McMillan. Loan players leaving: Anthony Ralston, Jason Holt, Matt Butcher, Izzy Jones.