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  1. 70 minutes of that game the ball was "dead" for. Livingston are time wasting champions of Scotland.
  2. Be happy if we dont play Livingston again for a while.
  3. Aye. They played together in the 2-0 loss at Ibrox too.
  4. Hes in the papers saying Keltjens and Clarks injury issues this season might make them risks, so theres an opening for Carey or Max.
  5. FWIW, looks like i was slavering shite again. Livingston and Countys missing, but nareystoepoker in twitter looked through all clubs accounts and created this. Our was bill higher than St Mirren and Kilmarnock, but below Motherwell and Dundee United. Suspect Livingston would be below us too but who knows abour County. https://x.com/Nareystoepoker/status/1763562450035618276?s=20
  6. I was the same tbh, every time id seen him he looked soft and unsure. See how he gets on v Livingston but maybe we're now just seeing him starting to settle now? Next few weeks should tell us what he is, as he'll both have confidence and should get a run in the team.
  7. Same again is probably best? Mitts Kelts - Gowser - Gordy - Robbo Matty - The Sprangler - Dan the man - DJ Clarky - Kimpy
  8. 7 shots, 2 goals, outperforming his xG (opta), and more than half his shots hit the target. Ive been critical of him but he was exactly what we need from a striker last night and the stats, while still to early to show anything, are starting to hint hes a threat too. Hes like what we've attempted with folk like O'Halloran and Middleton up front, except he actually knows how to play the role and how to finish.
  9. This is it. Davidson had a brief upturn after changing the shape, then went to a back 5 v Motherwell, thumped them, and returned back to normal thinking a point had been proved. Levein hopefully doesnt make the same mistake.
  10. Still to triple check this is right once i can deal with a laptop screen again, but think its right. Wonder if Gordons better performances would tie up with him not doing a lot on then ball? Only 3+ passes are shown as arrows, so seemed like he wasnt really passed to, and didnt waste time passing to McGowan either. Just focused on defending really.
  11. To me, yes. Hes added physicality in there so it doesnt entirely rest on Phillips to win those types of battles. Dont think this shape works as well with one of then other, smaller/weaker, CMs in there.
  12. Yeah a very good performance and deserved lead. Key is how they keep it going and not going defensive too quick, if at all. Aberdeen offering nothing but Miovski just needs a half chance, so surely you try and keep the ball up the other end.
  13. Looks like a 4-4-2 so far Mitov Keltjens - McGowan - Gordon - Robinson Smith - Sprangler - Phillips - Jaiyesimi Clark - Kimpioka
  14. Looks like 4-3-3 Mitov Keltjens - McGowan - Gordon - Robinson Smith - Sprangler - Phillips Jaiyesimi - Clark - Kimpioka Did @Aitchy not pretty much suggest that on this site a few days ago?