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  1. You wonder if he has a choice? Not sure many top flight sides will guarantee him a starting spot or a wage befitting one.
  2. And what side did May play in the Final? Away loss to Livingston
  3. We've played back 4 this season so not sure why you think they couldn't play it
  4. He's comfortably our best goalscorer this season if you look at "goals per90". People might not want to look at per90 figures though, as they'd have to admit Craig Conway has created more chances than anyone else in our squad too...
  5. Livingston don't even need to get a point to finish above us, and we'd probably have to have a 4/5 goal GD improvement, so can't see it. Need to win both games left to stand any chance.
  6. You moaned May was brought on instead of Melamed. May was brought on to defend our left, a role you've just admitted you wouldn't have brought Melamed on to play. You've now gone off on a tangent where you're seemingly about to claim that a 1-0 up in a Cup Final, when our opponents have just put 4 strikers on the park and overloaded one side, we remove a winger and put on another striker.
  7. It was a dig at Hendry tbh. Melamed is far too good for us, and he and his agents will know it. That's part of the reason they likely only signed for 1 season. If he doesn't want to extend his deal and he wants to get a bigger wage elsewhere, which is likely to be on the table, then there's nothing we can do to make him sign. I've said for a while I don't expect him here next season, but that won't be the fault of the club.
  8. So you wouldn't have brought Melamed on either, so why the **** were you complaining about Davidson bringing on May instead of him?
  9. Or he could work hard and take the opportunity in the UK he was desperate to get, and force his way into being the lone striker in that set up, instead of throwing a strop, refusing to listen to coaches, and forcing through a loan move to Aberdeen...
  10. MOH didn't have to defend that game, he got MOM for beating his man twice and setting up goals. Livi have overloaded our left flank. Wotherspoon and Kane are ****ed, Conway is about to come off. Who do you bring on to press their RB and match his runs?
  11. They were encouraging him back to try and get a winner, another player went straight to the ball and put it on the halfway line. I've zero idea why people are obsessed with making some teen drama out everything involving Melamed. Davidson, understandably, didn't trust a new signing who was struggling for fitness and the demands of the league to turn a struggling season around when Kane was in good form. Melamed has now worked his way into regular starts as form has improved. He doesn't start every week but neither do McCann and Wotherspoon. He's our best finisher, but doesn't have the defensive work rate of Kane or May, so in certain situations isn't the best option. Surely that's obvious and simple to understand? He gets on fine with his team mates
  12. May came on as a left winger in the Final, and on 3 occasions stopped a counter attack by winning the ball back deep in his own half. Melaned doesn't offer you that, neither does MOH. So its an easy choice when you're 1-0 up in a Final and under the cosh defending your lead late on.
  13. His attitude is apparently rotten, and why he hasn't been played by McInnes, and why Ayr were happy to let him leave them in January. I'd be wary of signing someone off the back of 5 good games for Hamilton, look at how Callachan is doing.
  14. Absolutely nothing you can do about that. On top, building towards a goal, and then he smashes one into the top corner from 20 yards. Don't think we need to panic, chances were coming in that first half.