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  1. RandomGuy


    Finished 0-0 according to Twitter, no line ups yet. Only two faces in the 8 or so photos I dont recognise. Maybe youth players?
  2. We had no back up right back or wingers?
  3. McNamara signed a new 12 month contract this Summer, no idea about the other lad as never really checked.
  4. RandomGuy


    First friendly today, against Hibs. Its in Perth, but don't know what time.
  5. Full season according to the official twitter.
  6. It is. Every Scottish club with Macron has the same training design, just in different colours.
  7. As soon as fans are allowed back, the SPFL will enforce the "3pm blackout" rule again, which bans clubs from showing games live in the UK at 3 on a Saturday. I dont know whether its in force until full entry is allowed, or whether it ends when limited entry is allowed. Theres no way around that. Its only been suspended temporarily to allow clubs to sell season tickets etc., all clubs voted to have that rule. Season ticket holders will be allowed to watch games being broadcast on Sky via Saints TV, while non season ticket holders will have to watch through Sky. If you want to watch every game through the computer, you'd be aswell just purchasing Saints TV and then figuring out how to use a VPN (I've used ProtonVPN successfully to watch 3pm away games in the UK), as every club this season has a streaming set up at their ground so every game should be available (Old Firm are apparently funny about showing their home games).
  8. Younger than Chris Burke, who scored 6 and assisted 5 for Kilmarnock last season, and almost made the leagues TOTY. Conway can play both sides, has massive experience which is handy with a young squad, presumably won't be asking for a lot of money, and won't be around for too long to block the pathway for younger players. I think its a good move getting him on trial to see how he looks. If he's finished you move on, but if he's not then you've got a really good option.
  9. Clubs have gone months without serious income, barring season ticket sales which are meant to sustain clubs throughout the season. Aberdeen have been losing £1m a month, and will face reduced income this season. Every single part of football club will face cuts, to me it makes sense to try and maintain the footballing side as best as possible, as ultimately that's what makes you money. I don't agree with spending transfer fees, like Hibs and Hearts have been doing, but I don't think its scandalous to lay off non-playing staff while trying to strengthen the playing staff.
  10. Most folk seem to believe the Hibs figures, in terms of number of staff being laid off, is being massively exaggerated by the media. It also makes sense for football clubs to "streamline" in terms of diverting money towards the first team. I don't agree with them spending £250k on a player after laying people off, but I don't disagree with laying people off to maintain, or supplement, the playing squad. Football clubs have more need for players than office staff or coaches.
  11. Well Drey Wright doesn't officially join Hibs until July 26th, yet has been training for them for the past 2 weeks and played in a friendly for them yesterday.
  12. What rules? You can sign players whenever you want.
  13. *gets giant spoon out to stir the pot* I don't listen to the radio so never heard it myself, but apparently an agent was on saying a top flight side has told him they won't be sactioning signings until the window officially opens. The window doesn't have an official opening date yet, that I can find. Just speculation itll be any time between now and July 27th. Guess the only top flight side who havent made any signings this Summer (obviously ignoring pre contract signings)...