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  1. 3 penalties, so 12 open play goals in 30 games, plus 6 assists. McCann has 6 goals, and 6 assists, in over 70 career games.
  2. Turnbull, aged 19, scored 15 goals in 30 league games, and also got 6 assists. The highest goal involvement for a teenage midfielder for about 20 years. Those who know what they're looking for will value McCanns strengths, I can see more English clubs being interested than him than Turnbull. Issue is English clubs seem to prefer low initial fees, with big sell on clauses, while Celtic prefer to do it the opposite way.
  3. 2023 his deal is, so realistically we've got until the end of next season to sell him. We won't match Turnbulls fee. We all have bias towards McCann, but goals sell players and Turnbulls goal record was absolutely elite for a CM. If we can make a deal that sees us eventually break the £1.8m record, I reckon I'll be happy.
  4. The players had gone about 6 months without a game, of course the tempo would be lower. PPDA is a metric that effectively measures how hard teams press. The average in the league this season is lower than than last seasons "worst" side...
  5. O'Halloran won't be up front regardless in this game, because if he does we don't have enough players elsewhere. He's either at right wing back, or he's on the right of a midfield 4. Wotherspoon is our most creative attacker, is scoring, and creating. He won't be dumped to wing back because O'Halloran played sort of all right for one game.
  6. I like Tanser but talk about the Old Firm/EFL Championship is absolute fantasy, so file me in the "his agent is at it" folder.
  7. First goal he matches McGinn, then inexplicably stops tracking him when the ball deflects loose. Same issue as against Motherwell, wheres he unable to get goalside of the player he's tracking.
  8. He's been the worst performing striker this season.
  9. It got deflected by Clark, I think. First goal is on Gordon, who follows his striker into midfield unnecessarily and leaves a massive gap behind him, where they score from. Wotherspoon sleeping a bit for the second. Not sure why Tanser is being criticised at all.
  10. I imagine its done so the PPV crowd would be as high as possible. There's absolutely no point playing the game at 2 if your income is going to be cut by two thirds.
  11. This kicks off at 7, for anyone who doesn't realise that. It's not really been made clear by either club.
  12. Did they not sell season tickets with the promise that it would be the first "insert how many fans are allowed" season ticket holders who would get in.
  13. Its not, at all. Its frankly moronic to be comparing Saints strikers, who maybe get 2 shots a match, to a Celtic striker who's getting 5 or 6, on "goals per minute". If that were the case then every striker we've ever had is absolutely shit and not good enough.
  14. Ajeti hasn't played enough minutes yet to fairly judge, and in any case he cost Celtic £5m. Comparing him to May is absolutely pointless. 2 of Clark goals are penalties. He averages a goal every every 330 minutes without them. Nisbet also scored 2 penalties. He scores a goal every 190 minutes. May scores a goal every 201 minutes. You can either accept you were talking shite and understand May is scoring regularly compared to the league, or you continue claiming he's shite because a striker who's combined fees over the past 3 years is £13m is better/continue claiming players scoring at a worse rate are better, because their team wins more penalties. Up to you.
  15. He's scoring a goal every 200 minutes, if you take out penalties i think only Kevin Nisbet is hitting the net more regularly in terms of strikers who have played over 600 minutes.