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  1. St Mirren releasing season ticket information today, and say that, as it stands, only 500 fans will be allowed to attend matches. That's in a 8k stadium.
  2. Start with those who had season tickets last season and renewed, then add on the first however many who bought this season. That would be the "fairest" way to do it in my mind.
  3. And that includes a goalkeeper on emergency loan, plus a 17yo Alex Ferguson...
  4. The story has him loosely linked to Dundee, and we're named as "interested". Nothing more.
  5. With the amount of work done to create a grass training pitch at the side, it surely won't be any time soon.
  6. Sure there's a real chance we could play Luzern in one of the ties, with the winner going into a Group Stage.
  7. Fair play to him, and his agent, for getting the money he was after. A defensively weak LWB, whod lost his place in the side, has somehow managed to get a pay rise. Potentially we could sign Scott McMann now and arguably be better off in terms of the LWB position, while also saving money on wages.
  8. Kilmarnock come out and confirm Kyle Lafferty wanted his wages trebled this Summer. Folk saying he was wanting around £6k a week basic wage. Hopefully that kills every hope of him coming to us and its never mentioned again.
  9. FAQ section of the site explains.
  10. Season ticket bought for me and my dad, first time we've bothered getting one in 6/7 years. Buzzing.
  11. I'd be amazed if we gained over 1000 season ticket holders, but then again, last seasons figures might have been affected by the uncertainty over Covid. Would be interesting to know the figures from the last 5 seasons.
  12. Kiltie and Maguire in, Conway/Middleton out. Sign a striker who can actually score/Hendry rediscovers himself. Bing, bang, bosh, we're league champions and looking forward to a Champions League campaign.
  13. Considering it also happened to the clubs record appearance holder, and most decorated player, then yeah it probably is tbf. It's the equivalent of us getting Scott Boyd to text David Wotherspoon and tell him he's not getting a new contract.