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  1. Players who spring straight to mind are Hasselbaink and Tade, and even then it's not exactly scintillating success theyve had since then, simply the fact theyve moved to large clubs in foreign countries. Cant even remember in what terms they left the club.
  2. Last report showed they had a wage bill of £19m, and an income of £11m. A few EFL sides will follow them. Maybe theyll actually learn to spend what they have and not just speculate.
  3. Shaughnessy would want a hefty wage for a 4th choice CB. Gogic is seemingly wanted by Hibs, so we cant compete. Stephen McGinn couldnt make St Mirrens starting line up last season while captain.
  4. As far as I know, the best Hearts can get is another vote on reconstruction forced through. The court doesnt have the power to reverse relegations or force through reconstruction. They can award Hearts damages, or demand another vote. It's just an almighty waste of time so Hearts can save face with their fans.
  5. Depends on the terms and conditions. It was made clear you simply had to contact the club to get a refund though, while plenty fans were tweeting the club to request ways of giving money to the club.
  6. Full contact training can start from Monday, according to the BBC.
  7. Just as a, surely, final note to the TW to United stuff, it looks like theyve decided to hire Malky Mackay instead. BBC reporting hes the top target and the SFA have given permission for him to speak to them. Hes been black listed from jobs down South after leaked texts showed him making homophobic, sexist and racist remarks to coaches and agents.
  8. Most of the games were for the Group Stage, tbf.
  9. Aye last season was their last. Premier Sports now have the Betfred Cup deal.
  10. Have they not got a deal with BT to televise games? Cancel the competition you chuck away millions.
  11. Now being widely reported Baraclough has been offered the NI job. Wonder where TW goes from here.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53199718 Sounds like TW has missed out.
  13. No club has offered away game streaming so it's likely a league agreed thing. The Motherwell deal could kill them if we end up missing 19 games. In that scenario theyll effectively not sell a single season ticket next season as theyve sold "record amounts" this season.
  14. What were you expecting?
  15. The NFL are looking at only using 17.5% capacity.
  16. RandomGuy

    New Manager

    Did he actually play that much for us? He played for Burnleys reserve side once.
  17. RandomGuy

    New Manager

    Scott Burns, who seems decent with United news, saying TW "isnt under serious consideration" for the United job.
  18. RandomGuy

    New Manager

    Some folk sure overthink things.
  19. RandomGuy

    New Manager

    Swapping Maybury for MacLean means we've gone from 3 full back coaches to 2 full backs and a striker. MacLean should be able to help the likes of Hendry develop, and even give an attackers insight tactically to the manager, which surely cant be a bad thing.
  20. No quotes from TW. Article has two paragraphs on TW. One says hes been made the favourite by the bookmakers. The other lists his St Johnstone achievements. Article then discusses Craig Levein in detail.
  21. Difference is he makes money from it. I've missed a trick somewhere down the road.
  22. Alleged by a United fan who's also a journalist, through an article that contains absolutely no comments from TW at all and is simply the journalists opinion.