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  1. I refuse to believe Bryson is going to be cheaper than Jason Holt, for an example. One is entering his prime with no injury issues, the other is 34 this season with recurring ankle injuries. We've ended up with Bryson instead of Holt because there was almost no future planning in place this Summer. TW left, and the whole club shut down until Davidson was hired months later. We then have to wait further months for him to find and identify targets, and then move on them. It seems obvious both the club and Davidson knew he would take charge after Millwalls season was done, surely they shouldve been putting moves into motion before he even joined for players? Its a common theme with Saints, and one that is leading to a general decline. The youth products are supporting the club.
  2. Tbf Ballantyne would be better served playing regularly than sitting on the bench, long term a loan makes sense. Don't agree with the Bryson signing at all. Missed the vast majority of the past 2 years with recurring ankle knocks, and he admitted himself just 3 months ago that despite operations and injections the issue wasn't gone. Makes zero sense to sign him.
  3. Shows the need for a deep squad aswell I think.
  4. Annan is closer to England than the central belt.
  5. All stats need context. We've played 7 games and in only one have conceded more than 1 goal. We've played 7 games, including a trip to Ibrox, and conceded 5 goals from open play. Its genuinely mental that you're complaining about the defence. In terms of amount of goals conceded per game we're the 5th best side in the league.
  6. Yeah his injury issues should be a massive red flag. Not encouraged by this link at all.
  7. We've not conceded more than 1 goal in a game barring Rangers, who are pumping everybody. Of the 5 goals we've conceded in the other 6 games, 2 have been penalties. You then have the deflected effort against Aberdeen which is unlikely to be repeated. Motherwells goal was from 20 yards and down to the midfield. If you believe the defence is guaranteed to concede every game then you cant actually be watching the games, as its quite clear they could do very little about the goals conceded aside from the Kilmarnock goal. So 1 defensive error leading to a goal in 6 games. If Hendry, May, or MOH score one of their relatively simple chances at the weekend nobody is here claiming the system isn't working.
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/SJFCDirect
  9. Callum Hendry scored a goal every 93 minutes last season.
  10. From what I can gather, he's not risking anyone who has a niggle. Booth, Davidson, May, Kane all fall into that category so have had minimal game time. Id be surprised if TW hadn't just forced them back into starting by now.
  11. Has May been fit to start? A lot of folk moaning about this, or McCann having to play a deeper role, completely ignoring the fact we've had so many injuries this season so far.
  12. Motherwell had 0 shots on target in the box, and only 2 all match (the goal, then a 94th minute one from 30 yards), while we had 3 clear shots at goal from within 12 yards (Hendry header, Wotherspoon, then May). How can folk see that then claim its all down to a tactical issue?
  13. Wheres this come from? Hes doing perfectly fine.
  14. 10 shots from within the box, including May completely unmarked 6 yards out and missing the target. Same issues as last season that were masked by Hendrys unsustainable form. The players are more to blame than the manager, you can't build a team who only win matches if youre having to give your strikers multiple sitters per match.
  15. Nobody to blame but ourselves, if you're not going to score then you won't win. You're lucky if we have a shot on target most weeks.
  16. Aberdeen and Celtic players broke the rules, St Mirren players didnt/haven't.
  17. Its quite clear Duffy isn't ready for the top flight, a full season of lower league football is better than sitting on the bench. We probably only need one to replace him. 4 CBs, plus the emergency of Booth/Rooney as options (both have played there for us in a 3), and if its really bad you just go to a back 4.
  18. Are you genuinely suggesting we save money by building an entirely new stadium, and presumably the 3 training pitches either side of rhe stadium?
  19. The SPFL have to approve kits, so they clearly think its fine. It'll be up to the ref on the day against Rangers/Kilmarnock, but we'd be able to use last seasons away (or just add the yellow shorts) as we did earlier as presumably its been registered as the 3rd kit.
  20. The away kit was literally released before this post m8.
  21. The same Jackson Irvine who Hull couldn't afford to keep and has already turned down Hibs?