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  1. One game in and we've got McCann labeled shite and useless and the manager getting criticism for not having players fit enough in their first competitive game to match a side who've been playing them over the past month. Great stuff. WAP season 21/22 starts with a bang.
  2. I think they went on sale around 5/6 on Thursday.
  3. Different councils, different decisions.
  4. Season ticket holders have only ever gotten free access to the PPV site haven't they? Was the exact same last season.
  5. There's a separate site for Saints TV and the PPV site, make sure you're using the right one.
  6. A fine eye you've got there... Interesting that McCann seemed to play multiple different positions for the youth sides, looking back this thread.
  7. He didn't leave Rangers in January because it was his lifelong dream to be part of a title celebration at Rangers.
  8. Yeah, most social distancing restrictions are expected to be lifted 3 days before the game.
  9. He was apparently on over £10k a week at Rangers.
  10. It seems to be advised but not enforced, so it really just depends who you sit near what your experience will be.
  11. Middletons off to St Mirren on loan. Let the meltdowns commence.
  12. Do you think those 11 sides just play the exact same way, with the exact same players, every single week?
  13. Emailed this morning, passed to the club and not heard since, but don't expect they'll be in the office until Monday tbh. Hopefully have it for the home game v Galatasaray...
  14. I have aye, its a bit ridiculous how much is put on her shoulders though. Zero chance a professional club should be relying on fans getting in touch with SLO to receive a season ticket almost 2 months after they ordered it.
  15. As a season ticket holder who paid for his ticket over a month ago and still hasn't received it, who's patiently waited for it since, and who was pied by email and phone by the club since it was announced you'd need a number off your season ticket card to get a ticket, I'd have appreciated it if they'd had a live stream for season ticket holders today tbh.
  16. Celtic received more of the Final money for hosting it than we did for winning it. They also got paid straight away, while it took Saints the best part of a year to get paid.
  17. Yeah unsure about it tbh, doesn't make sense unless one of our CBs is 100% off in this window, to me.
  18. Who would have to be a cast iron first choice as a CB to be worth the amount of money we'd be paying to loan him. I doubt we'll be signing him.
  19. I think International Saints will get the same as you've always done, home and away games through Saints. UK based fans have only been getting home games on Saints TV, then having to buy away games from the opposition. UK fans will eventually lose the ability to watch games on Saturday at 3 again through Saints TV, but International viewers won't be affected.
  20. I'd say there's still two attacking players to come in tbh, plenty of time to make sure they're the right ones for us. I'd be devastated if we signed him.
  21. Was it not confirmed he'd spend pre-season at Rangers then a decision on where he'd spend the season would be made?
  22. Seen mention Derby were aware his injury was effectively top level career ending and that's why they punted him to St Mirren. I can see why the club are looking into it, but would expect us to be able to get better, and fully expect he's just one of a number of players being looked at.
  23. Do you want a report on every match the squad plays between themselves in training aswell?
  24. Fair dues, just remember seeing him listed on their website when googeling him a few weeks back.