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  1. Nothing, but then again I never mentioned it once, so I guess you're having a conversation with yourself here.
  2. I mean, I'm not sure how you can see someone singing a racist song in a public setting, and the claim that's not him being openly racist.
  3. I never mentioned any photos. He messaged under 16s calling them hot, as a high profile 30yo man that's pretty much the definition of grooming. And no, I haven't made a point of looking at photos of a 15yo girl online.
  4. Griffiths was caught messaging multiple schoolgirls calling them hot, and is quite openly racist as seen by the multiple videos that go about. As far as I know Riordan was just a complete fanny when drunk, while I didn't know anything about David Robertsons actions until he'd left the club. To me there's a line of what's acceptable and what's not, and I wouldn't want any young Saints fan googling their new hero and thinking how he acts is acceptable.
  5. We look a far better side in terms of build up play, and chance creation, when Middleton and Kane are both on the pitch. Without them, we are completely reliant on Wotherspoon.
  6. I'd rather see us relegated than have him in the team.
  7. Use FotMob instead of the BBC, IMO. They get their data from Opta. https://www.fotmob.com/livescores/3608087/stats/st.-mirren-vs-st.-johnstone
  8. Wouldn't read much into that performance, beyond the fact it further confirms theres a gulf between our starting strikers and the back up strikers. Last month has been incredibly tough on the players, so take the point here, keep yourself in mid-table, regroup and our season starts properly in a couple of weeks. European games were obviously, and understandably, a major distraction.
  9. Clark Rooney - Muller - Kerr - McCart - Devine McCann - Craig - Wotherspoon May - Hendry I'd guess. Rooney/Devine obviously wing backs, while Wotherspoon pushes high on the left. Don't think you read too much into the front two tbh. Kane, Middleton and MOH will be ****ed after the past few weeks so we've no other option but May and Hendry.
  10. We've a week off after this, so I don't see a huge point in resting players now if they don't need it. Last weekend was the chance for that. I like Brown but he offers us nothing in attack, and when we're up against the wee weed Tanser you want someone aggressive whos going to run directly at him. Brown doesn't give you that. Clark Rooney - Muller - Kerr - McCart - Booth McCann - Craig - Wotherspoon Middleton - Kane Make it a midfield 3 to give us some control, with Wotherspoon pushing high and left as we move up the park. Judgement call on whether you play Booth or Devine, not fussed really, same with Craig or Davidson, just think Craig is better at moving the ball from CB to WB than Muzz.
  11. Don't care about the score, I'll only be watching to see Rooney flatten Tanser for 90 minutes.
  12. Its interest free, we have until 2042 to pay it off, and the first payment isn't required until the start of next season.
  13. Deleted them to save the site any bother which would end up ruining it for folk, but the posts obviously still exist with people quoting it anyway.
  14. Kilmarnock said they couldn't get near his wage demands this Summer.
  15. May and O'Halloran signed new 2 year deals just a few months ago, there's no chance either leave in this window.
  16. I think a few people bulk bought as many tickets as they could, as they were unsure how many of their group could go and didn't want to wait and risk the stand selling out before they confirmed everyone's position.
  17. Not even sure what Craigs role was, seemed like he was told he was the "free man" due to them going down to ten, as he just charged about everywhere.
  18. Yes, there was no back 4. Muller off for O'Halloran just saw Rooney move to RCB and MOH as RWB. Rest stayed the same. Then Booth came off for Craig and Middleton moved to LWB with Craig going into the middle beside McCann and Davidson.
  19. Middleton didn't go left until Booth came off. Rooney moved back to RCB with O'Halloran as RWB before that.
  20. Who played left back and left wing when we went 4-4-2?
  21. We literally played the first one the full match today.
  22. Definitely, which makes it all the stranger they didn't keep an initial period open for season ticket holders only.
  23. The LASK game isn't close to a sell out yet. North Stand seems like there's barely anyone in it, while the Ormond is half full at most.
  24. Yeah qualify for the group stage, bag £3m, forget about the tournament and focus on the league, use that money to improve the squad etc. A lot of players have played Thurs-Sun for the past 3 weeks, played extra time last Sunday, and just played in Austria only arriving back today. Absolutely no point overworking them by playing them on Sunday, it's only 1 game out of 38, it won't define our season in the slightest. Thursday might.