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  1. Aye, should manage 5 mins off the bench.
  2. Sorry Nips, cannae make it now. Working all next weekend but hopefully make the comeback game after that.
  3. I might manage a comeback in this game - 5 mins off the bench mebbe ;-0
  4. In Ecuador until mid September, hopefully available sometime after that.
  5. Injured at 7's last night - now a naw
  6. Sorry for late confirmation - I'm definitely out. Hopefully OK for next week though. Good luck lads.
  7. Sorry guys, I was away all last week on a field course, only now having time to catch up with e-mails etc. I'm now extremely doubtful as I've got tonsillitis again and shiteloads of work to catch up on from being away for a week. May have to be in at work both days at the weekend. Stewart
  8. Now a no - having to work all weekend ;-(
  9. I'm now a mebbe - 300 student reports to mark