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  1. Tynie Magic for me. Short choo choo trip from Dunfermline. One of the best away days for me was the Scottish cup semi final against the sheep at grey skull
  2. I see BBC Scottish football gossip has TW linked with the vacant Sheffield utd job. here's hoping they get their top target phil Parkinson.
  3. I agree with the real saints about kane hemmings...yes the club have signed up a lot of players for next season and beyond but yet it comes across to me they wanted to sign up BG but were 'slow' off the mark and now the same could be said for Fraz wright. yes him and TW have said they will chat at the end of the season but if tW wants him to stay sign him up NOW. as others have said I would like us to sign a couple of younger 22/23 year olds from the lower leagues in Scotland similar to what the DABS have done and get a striker who obviously knows where the onion bag is... would be happy with John Sutton. scumaroo are making their transfer moves early so should we.
  4. brown could have maybe gone for a second yellow for the barge towards the end but all in all the ref had a good game. On the way up the car park I did hear a few celic fans saying what on earth was brown on, a game that didn't mean anything for them and he was a head case, one described him as a 'mongo'!
  5. first game since the first Dundee away game of the season - haven't been for a variety of reasons. Obviously apart from the goals it was a belter, really good fun and saints played excellent football from start to finish. James forest's attempt at goal being celebrated like us scoring by the saints fans was priceless. I know loads of people have already said but chris miller is one hell of an improved player, he was phenomenal tonight and could easily play at a higher level (really hope he doesn't). really pleased the celic fans respected the remembrance thing at half time. Good idea from saints and it must stay. The only slight downer was at the end when I thought the players and TW and staff could have all come over to the saints fan and walked up and down the touchline to thank the fans as it was our last home game more than what they did. Yes we still have one more really important game to go but it was the last home game of the season. in Germany the whole team goes to the fans at the end of every game they win..
  6. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Everything was great. To see my dad well up at the end will live with me forever. Thoughts on the game itself are for another day.
  7. This was amazing. Norwich saintees you are a legend and big stuff your reaction, if it was you?, when the game kicked off and all your hard work had paid off was tremendous.
  8. Thinking of going via broxden on way to Glasgow, will be there about half 11, will the banners and scarf's still be up?
  9. Chips your post cracked me up. Hope you are OK fella. Just got the small matter of taking my daughters to ballet before heading to Kinross to pick up my old man.
  10. According to boy at my work these guys made the shoes for the players and also for the ulster rugby team who are playing this weekend too. the boy at my work is an ulster fan.
  11. Missed it anyone know where I can hear it again?
  12. Attila the II


    Blue boxers, one white sock, one blue sock, blue trousers, blue asics tigers, saints cup final T-shirt under cup final top rosenborg game scarf. Just need blue wig or blue party hat now.
  13. Completely agree paulo cracking article (although I am not a big fan of Tom English) great to get a wee bit of insight into tommy as a person and unfortunately his own personal tragedy. The stuff about "having" to win the cup is just top drawer. Never been so excited and never been bricking it so much all at the same time.... COYS
  14. Given the spelling and what they've written I am really glad my kids won't be going to school in Dundee! The only reason there aren't shops in Dundee decked out in tangerine and black is that the Dundee fans would kick the shops in. Says it all about Dundee really.
  15. is fair maid going to be played in the pre-match build up? really hope so.