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  1. I can understand people wanting to stand by principles.but boycotting ur own team would just do more harm than good.try and think of the bigger picture,sod wot happens to them lets concentrate on our team,to help them flourish more.saints fans boycotting will make no difference to them if there allowed to stay in the league,do you think they will care,not a I for one wil be renewing my season ticket and continue to support my team I love.
  2. murdom43


    yes fran has been silly drink driving,but everyone makes mistakes,lets put it in perspective,nobody was injured or killed,the court has seen fit to dish out what they think is a suitable punishment,if the ball was on the other foot and you were in his position would you want to be sacked,obviously no. the guy isnt doing too well just now and hopefully the club will give him the support and help he needs,lets not forget would we be where we are this season without him prob not. so instead of disowning the guy we should get behind and show our support in his time of need. im sure plenty will disagree with me,but this is my personal view on the subject
  3. gutted just when it looked like we were through,yet another arsehole of a ref and linesman scupper our chance. well at least we can now concentrate on the league and a plus side at least were not in administration,so onwards and upwards the league here we go coys
  4. murdom43


    after reading the story today in the record what a shambles rangers are and if the story is true then thats an awful way to treat someone they allegedly wanted,iv seen on some of the **** websites tht it was payback for not signing pre contract,they all basically sayin as well he is not gd enough for them and drivel like like get it up ye fran.personally im glad he is still with us and look forward to our next game against them bring it on,fran scores hatrick,now thats payback.
  5. exactly if teams like them can do it and no disrespect to them, then why are we not also.even the video highlights on the stjfc webite when was that last updated cmon saints
  6. daniel day was one the three trialists we had up,he is an ex tottenham academy player
  7. may scores again today for alloa
  8. was prob cheering along with a that joke of a ref,well he doesnt even deserve to called a ref,he was rangers extra man.we were robbed today and we didnt deserve to be,came away from the game for the **** at the end singing rule brittainia and god save the queen a total bunch of arses
  9. bring it on ,macgregor out now as well,we are so gonna turn them over morro,hope we have a good turnout morro,i can see fran scoring a couple coys
  10. murdom43


    quite right he is too the are taking the preverbial,they have been dragging this on they either want him or they dont,personally i hope radio clyde report is true,i think if he stays with us the rest of the season he will get a much better offer from bigger clubs than them so good luck to him,he has been so good for us
  11. totally agree,the plus side also keeping him fit and he is gaining confidence with every game four goals today,well one disallowed a hatrick aint bad,plus he should have had a penalty,he keeps form up like this alloa will be looking to keep him
  12. merry xmas to all fellow saintees,hope santa is good to all of you