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  1. Not sure, I don't necessarily think there will be contract terminations, more a strong indication that they may be best seeking playing time with another club.
  2. Public consumption of class A narcotics and a bit of handbags between team mates aren't really comparable. I think one of these guys will get their jotters, one of them patently isn't too fussed about being with the club anyway so should make it an easy decision.
  3. Fairly obvious the spfl strategy here is to completely ignore this issue and it'll be blown over and forgotten about by the first week in February. Shower of arseholes who deserve every ounce of contempt that comes their way.
  4. Established and sustained sectarian activity wouldn't be their main target here. We all know trivial nonsense from kids would get both barrels with this. How about encouraging the police to actually do their jobs.
  5. Me and another are going, we'll have the pie stall to ourselves i reckon.
  6. UEFA take kids jumping on a pitch more seriously than institutionalised racism. A disgrace of an operation, only equalled in it's hopelessness by FIFA and BBC Scotland.
  7. There isn't a decent player amongst that lot.
  8. That's a really shit analogy, sport.
  9. Great interview, he comes across as a genuinely nice and humble guy.
  10. Difficult to hear him talk of having to release players like Cregg and the video cuts to a shot of McDonald jogging. Cregg the superior player IMO. That said, great to see Tommy has faith in the young guys and is prepared to make tough decisions to support their development, hopefully they don't let him down. Murray looks like he's working hard. If anyone deserves a break it's him.
  11. Someone mentioned a supporter database in an earlier post. I might be doing them a disservice but am I right in saying we STILL don't have one?
  12. There's a bus going from Newburgh with Saints and other punters just going along to support Stevie May. Great stuff.