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  1. I wonder if my Coop discount card will work over there? Doubt it but worth a try
  2. 4am pint looks to be in order at Edinburgh airport see you all over there!
  3. As long as I get a ticket I won't be bothered on how I get it!
  4. Maybe it's to fund him/her for the charter flight
  5. Anyone on here staying at the Annex Luzernerhof?
  6. Yeah I've known about them for the last couple of years, also here's something from there wiki page "Alestorm is a heavy metal band from Perth, Scotland.[3] Their music is characterized by a pirate theme, and as a result they have been dubbed a "pirate metal" band[4][5] by many critics and their fanbase. They refer to their genre as "True Scottish Pirate Metal"
  7. There also talking about a local band from Perth called Alestorm, these guys have done there homework
  8. Booked into the Annex Luzernerhof hotel which was only £157 for 2 nights and is only a 10 minute walk from the train station and 5 mins from the city centre.
  9. Just had a look at pint prices, the average is £4.80. Better then 7-8 a pint that's for sure!
  10. I'm surprised Ross County isn't on this list. Always a great dayout in Dingwall and one I can see fans going to.
  11. Got a possible flat warming in Glasgow that weekend. Making this game would be pushing it.
  12. I hope its false myself, as you said it'll make a great collectors piece and a must have.
  13. Apparently there where only 25 of them produced, is there any truth in this?