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  1. Have been told the 101 was in a lot of debt. The day the place it shut, some official looking people turned up unannounced and the staff were told to get out, no notice. Locks changed. Presumably everything was left as it was with no chance to put anything away. etc. Hence the flies.
  2. I was in the Brownies very briefly. I lasted half an hour. Apparently I told them, "I hate this so much, I would rather be ANYWHERE than here". I couldn't see the point of it.
  3. Greggs, Baynes, Murrays. As far as his nibs and I are concerned, it is Murrays, as they are what we call a 'scratch baker'. Made and baked there. Greggs and Baynes are 'bung in oven' or BIO bakers. Pies, sausage rolls, pasties are made elsewhere and are baked on the premises.Tried and not liked.
  4. We did the rounds in Perth. A mate of mine put her foot well and truly in it on her eighteenth birthday. Loudly announcing it was her birthday, in the pub she been drinking in for the past two years.
  5. Carron


    My Mother is anti Subway (aka That Sandwich Place), says there are two sandwich places across the road, or Greggs and Goodfellow and Steven, and that they (Subway) will do them out of business.
  6. Heard it is "junction improvements". Which covers a lot.
  7. I am not looking for work at the present, in case anyone asks! Keep seeing adverts for the Penicuik Call Centre in Perth. Anyone got any info on what it is like to work for Penicuik? (how good or bad etc), Thanks.
  8. Showing my pensioner mother, my smart phone. said my mother "so how do they get that internet thing into your phone?"
  9. My mother on my bedroom (when I was young) "a pig sty" or "a midden"
  10. Got told when I was much younger, the old high street, was when heading from the town, at the back of St. Pauls Church. Although the street numbering continues from the High Street.
  11. The Golden Egg. It was opposite the North Church pend. Shop is a chemists just now, I personally wont shop at there, last year choked with the cold, went to buy a bottle of night nurse, got the usual questions. Was back a few days later, and with difficulty managed to buy another bottle. Got told if I returned, I wouldn't be allowed to buy a third bottle. Jobsworth!
  12. Origin mid 17th century: perhaps an alteration of random.
  13. Overheard in Primark earlier. Small child not behaving. Mother "If you don't behave, then I am emailing Santa and telling him not to come". (has phone in her hand)
  14. A lot of business premises are leased. When the lease is renewed it can be with much increased cost. With retail chains, they will have people at head office looking at what each branch costs to be there and what it makes. Not making enough can mean closure.