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  1. ah good, its been a long time since we spent the whole of deadline day night wondering if free agent danny swanson will sign. no doubt he will end up back at dundee utd
  2. with the likes of scougall is it more likely we can pay a small fee with say 25% of sell on now we have recent relevant examples of players moving on for a fee, whereas before it would be an utterly pointless clause as no one ever went for money at all ?
  3. genuinely heartbroken, dont even know what we can do to protest this either, boycotting games will just kill the club, and continuing to attend just makes those in charge ignore any criticism
  4. Ive sent off an email to the SPFL saying I have 5 years of experience of displaying utter incompetence on a daily basis, and asking for any job openings. fingers crossed !
  5. It would be amazing to see a talented youngster not jump at the first opportunity and think about his next move. Maybe Tommy has asked him to give Steve Lomas a call to see what hes up to these days after jumping at the first chance?
  6. Good luck waiting on a reply, I've sent an email every day since the announcement, not even an automated response so far...
  7. I think the technical term is w*nker
  8. almost definitely the next david Robertson , but could be decent
  9. Its been recently publicised that chelsea have a system where they loan players out, with the belief that they will be ready for the first team around the age of 24. I am in no way trying to liken tommy with mourinho, but it seems to be fairly clear he wont play youth for the sake of it, and needs to trust and feel the player is good enough. perhaps that is the way he is viewing things, in terms of when clark, thomson, brown, caddis, kane, hunter, mclaren and perhaps even puting brad mackay in this ( even though he is a senior player ) when they turn 24 we will see that mckay, anderson, mannus , macca, millar, muzz, craig, will be edging towards retirement age, and a mixture of 5-10 senior appearences with loan spells in the championship will see them primed and ready for the premiership and having had a lot of experience in being round the st johnstone camp. Its worth noting that germany decided in 2002 that something had to be done about the youth set up and are now starting to see the benefits, similar to spain back in the late 90's , we have been really focussing on this for about 3-4 years,, give it time and we will see the benefits. as for caddis, he needs one lst make or break loan move, surely he would be better playing in a successful team even at a lower level, i.e dunfermline, building confidence and showing what he can do, rather than sending him to alloa, dumbarton morton ect where they will be up against it in most games.
  10. I love that this a lovely polite way of saying, " oi dundee utd, f*ck off"
  11. Im enjoying this whole " hes not good enough defensively" personally i do not travel 100+ miles and pay £20+ to get in with the excitement of watching someone work hard and try to cut out any full back overlaps, Its lovely to have a player who can drift between the lines and who seems to glide past people with the ability to slip someone in or score from distance. typical british attitude he doesnt track back enough, we have too many players who seem to be there to " not lose us the game " people like swanson will win you 5-6 games a season please sign him up
  12. mick mccarthy saying alex henshall is available for transfer , left winger and rapido quick, loan til january would be decent?
  13. seeing as sky sports seems to be using footie manager as the authority on transfers, has us to benefit from 15% of the total fee ( not percentage of profit ) could buy a good few minibuses with that
  14. Following on from the signing of darnell fisher is tommy now trying to compensate the lack of pace and width , and the leaky defence with a wing back formation? It would make sense in that fisher and shaughnessy with dave mackay for back up on the right, and it would suit easton very well, with liam craig and scobbie able to fill in where needed. it would result in a spare player both in the centre of defence and the middle of the park which should make it more solid and easier to keep possesion, our defence has been making a lot of mistakes, but pehaps a central 3 with dave mackay sweeping in behind ( no pace, but does seem to have a reasonable reading of the game ) would hopefully clean up a few errors but also give a bit of calmness to the other two, knowing that they have someone behind if they make a mistake might actually calm them down and help to reduce the errors. its easy to a see a team of mannus, anderson , dave mackay and brad mackay at centre backs, fisher/ o'shaugnessy right wing back and easton/craig left wing back, a midfield three of millar/davidson/craig/caddis,lappin ( considering only really millar seems to be dynamic enough to get up and down in a midfield 2 having 3 would share the burden ) and with macca/sutton/kane/cummins playing furthes forward with mikey having a free role to just run at people, it would be much more solid than we are now and actually looks. so perhaps tommy does have a change in formation in mind with a signing of another right back ? either that or maybe he just thinks o'shaugnessy is absolute p*sh, but it could be interesting to see how we line up in the next few weeks
  15. Surely it would have been more balanced to have had a back 4, a midfield 3 of scobbie brown and caddis and then having michael out right, kane or macca through the middle and sutton wide left. obviously sutton wouldnt have been able to do a lot, but playing a sort of wide target man ( lee mcculloch for scotland ) can be effective, and the way o'halloran was getting down the right would have had a few crosses to go at. It was worrying that kane was stuck wide left, where he struggled due to lack of pace/trickery and not strong enough when it came to feet, the problem was clearly the formation ended up a sort of 5-1-4 with brown sitting very deep and scobbie sitting more with the back line, it meant they had 40-50 yards of space with often one or two saints players to their 4/5 which will always outpass us, and was it a case of unfit players being able to close down, or a startling degree of too much respect being given to the opposition, if you stand off any player long enough they will make something happen. I dont understand the deal with caddis, surely he is being paid a senior player salary, and is signed on as part of the first team squad, there is no point in keeping him for the u20's league, you would have thought that being one of 2 centre mids fit then he has to play, if tommy cant trust him then why was he signed on? he is a recongnised centre mid, play him there, To compare it to scottish football as a whole, the best teams ( including the national team ) seem to be able to counter with a bit of pace, and a bit of decisiveness to create chances, we are an example of a well organised side who cannot make chances, and when that gets found out ( which it seems it may have been ) must be nearly impossible to fix overnight. We could still be playing now and nobody would look like being able to slip a pass in behind the full back or centre backs to create an opening, its pretty worrying viewing. still maybe its a blessing, kairat almaty would have royally humped us based on this.