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  1. First penalty was actually given for handball before the ball got to Rooney. They said that on sportscene and was also what Calum had said after the match as well. But linesman ruled arm was in natural position. second one arms may have been by his side but he moves towards the ball. As seen in the link I have added.
  2. I agree. My mate asked if goal was offside I thought I’ll see on sportscene and then they didn’t show it. So said to him never happened as sportscene didn’t show it. But they did bring it up afterwards and he was clearly offside.
  3. Shelly and Faddy saying first two weren’t. They seem to think first was given for handball but then not given as it hit his foot first. Second they say no as arm was by his side but T-shirt was clear penalty.
  4. Need players if we playing against these clubs.
  5. Aggie Moffat stand brilliant. Or the Aggie Moffat tea bar at one of the kiosk but if Graeme Souness in line be ready to duck.
  6. Received my whisky today got a feeling there will be a few unhappy people who receive this. I think it said numbered bottles and seems everyone has bottle 1 of 600
  7. Game was only moved as the queen wanted to watch it.
  8. As said she done a very very good job and was all about resolving rather than having a problem.
  9. Can anyone tell me where the half house picture is.
  10. She don’t stay in Kilmarnock she is local. But I imagine moving back to Kilmarnock due to family.
  11. Where are people getting saints centre half as he has never played for us apparently.
  12. I will be in the few but absolutely gutted at this news.
  13. I hope it’s not true but did hear a little rumour that Melamed may be going home to Israel as he misses his family. I understand but hopefully he is persuaded to stay and maybe with lockdown easing bring his family across.
  14. saintgscot


    A goal and three assists for Canada last night. In a good win for Canada. I notice Nigel Hasselbaink is in the same group and got a hat trick as well.