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  1. Can’t believe you all paid arabs to watch the game when it was live on internet with bbc Alba for free.
  2. saintgscot

    John Davies

    Can I ask why do u want to know?
  3. Derek Adams is to blame for a lot of things but he was the reason we were donated a mini bus.
  4. I haven’t but I did put a complaint into the bbc fir the poor reporting from there sports department well over a month ago haven't even had a response.
  5. Cheers for that.
  6. Just out of interest. I have started a new job and no longer work shifts and now have Saturdays free. Does anyone know if or when if they do will the season tickets go on general sale. i understand that there is talk of limited sale but as the season starts in three weeks. Will the general sale go ahead so I can get one for the games in saints tv.
  7. saintgscot

    New Manager after watching this we missed out on Davie Robertson LAUGH OUT LOUD
  8. I may be wrong but has Callum Hendry signed a contract or not. Because according to this only person going out of contract now with saints is hendry.
  9. Not unusual I’m getting a refund from different company re something else and it’s taking three weeks
  10. I got the feeling from that article cleland didn’t want the job but wants to stay with the club.
  11. saintgscot

    New Manager

    Not sure if I’m right but cleland was caretaker before lomas and Tommy come in am I right that he didn’t want it.
  12. saintgscot

    New Manager

    Forget that boa Morte is there stupid me
  13. saintgscot

    New Manager

    Funny boa Morte being linked as saying he wants the job in papers and he isn’t on the list but Benni McCarthy is. Would love Attila in the job but don’t want him to fail if he gets it and lose his good connection. I mean come on he done a Dj set in a saints top on Saturday night. Would he still do that if sacked as manager.