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  1. Pretty sure you can play European nights. The game just can’t be televised live.
  2. At least you got my attempt at humour.
  3. Yes you are correct but Angus is in Tayside.
  4. Fair enough we were but look at Livi so we’re they. Also a lot of teams with games in hand over us as well. But we seem to have one maybe two games in hand this time.
  5. Maybe an interesting read. But last season where were we in the league at this point. As far as I’m aware only difference is we might be higher in the league now than last year and out of league cup. But you can’t grumble at reaching semi final.
  6. Does that mean us versus Montrose is a Tayside derby.
  7. So they have made not much of a loss. Still not bad.
  8. I know a guy who was on the bus but he has a season ticket. But if no luck let me know I’ll ask him if anyone on bus he knows.
  9. He can’t start he hasn’t played all season. Be lucky if he manages past half time.
  10. Not much cause McCann played instead. I’m joking I don’t have a clue.
  11. we are suck. Kane out injured. Nope sorry I think lazy reporter not noticing he was suspended last match not injured bloody idiot.
  12. Not now I wouldn’t think. Good player not the powerhouse of last season. Not seen the maurading runs down the wing he made last season. Seems to get the ball and look for a pass.
  13. I could do that for you for £10. I have included picture of my last glass I done before last Scottish cup final.
  14. Do we still ask them. Eatu off at half time new guy brought on with about twenty minutes to go. That’s longer than Eatu has played from bench is it not.
  15. Welcome Grant Scott as new St Johnstone ladies manager. Looking at what it says he has a good history in the woman’s game.