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  1. saintgscot

    Steve brown

    Yes she still there doing an amazing job. Prob low profile due to everyone here hating her.
  2. saintgscot

    Steve brown

    Or is it Kirsten who has done it.
  3. There it is a bit faded now.
  4. I’ve got one on my 21st I’m 43 now and it needs redone. Was ment to get redone last week but had to cancel
  5. saintgscot


    As requested shots compared to saves same season.
  6. saintgscot


    That does not say Zander is 34 it says appearances 34 from two seasons ago I believe. 34 appearances 15 clean sheets equal best goalkeeper in the league.
  7. They did look like they doing something where old tile shop was as well.
  8. No one has said we have a poor record against at them.
  9. Stats are Utd had 22 shots in total on Wednesday against this lot we have had 18 in first half Utd score 6 we have two as said before should be 6-0 up now
  10. Sound working now as well.
  11. I’m getting it on link 4 was t on link 3 although sound had gone now still got picture so eill be quiet and realistic LAUGH OUT LOUD
  12. I remember someone saying we don’t need a goalkeeper coach all they do is kick the ball at keeper during warm up. I see there is two people kicking the ball at goalkeeper for warm up in this game.
  13. so are you now saying we haven't signed a elite athlete