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  1. I may be wrong but has Callum Hendry signed a contract or not. Because according to this only person going out of contract now with saints is hendry.
  2. Not unusual I’m getting a refund from different company re something else and it’s taking three weeks
  3. I got the feeling from that article cleland didn’t want the job but wants to stay with the club.
  4. saintgscot

    New Manager

    Not sure if I’m right but cleland was caretaker before lomas and Tommy come in am I right that he didn’t want it.
  5. saintgscot

    New Manager

    Forget that boa Morte is there stupid me
  6. saintgscot

    New Manager

    Funny boa Morte being linked as saying he wants the job in papers and he isn’t on the list but Benni McCarthy is. Would love Attila in the job but don’t want him to fail if he gets it and lose his good connection. I mean come on he done a Dj set in a saints top on Saturday night. Would he still do that if sacked as manager.
  7. That is also another I thinks would be good
  8. Couple suggestions here first not to bad with connections Paul Clement. This one would be amazing with his press conference but Ian Holloway.
  9. Ive known people who have been managed by Bollan and apparently he is horrendous with the players.
  10. Big Attila doing his DJ set last night
  11. saintgscot

    New Manager

    Graeme Jones may be good shout with his contacts that he will have from coaching roles. This may be daft but someone was telling me abramovich is trying to buy saints and Jodie come in as manager. Person has contacts in football but does talk rubbish sometimes. But they also said Tommy wanted to go back to Ireland and that was last week and there we go this week he has gone. But think the abramovich story is rubbish.
  12. No probs glad it gave some people something to do.
  13. Played for six clubs after us with a successful spell at Scunthorpe where he scored three goals in four games only goals he scored after leaving us. 33 games in four years LAUGH OUT LOUD
  14. Correct well done. Also well done to California saintee for guessing the Olympic connection.
  15. Nope not him he never won the champions league and retired in 2017 so not still playing either
  16. Giggs may be the key to the answer LAUGH OUT LOUD
  17. Nope incorrect. Good on you for having a go.
  18. Apologies if this goes in wrong thread. But just to give some a bit of a teaser to try get. I've won the Champions League but never won the Premier League. I've been managed by: Roy Hodgson Rafa Benitez Brendan Rogers Stuart Pearce Mark Hughes Jose Mourinho I've played with: Christian Benteke Jonjo Shelvey James Milner Ryan Giggs Marcus Rashford Wayne Rooney Who am I?? Clue 1. I still play football today. Clue 2. I play in England Clue 3. I am a Premier League player
  19. Just look at rose Riley
  20. I got sent this it’s not that true as it was sent to me March 16 but if Sevco are in trouble it might be close
  21. I always said before bringing in more teams. That we should put premiership and championship together and first and second. Then the pyramid system as it works now so two maid leagues of twenty just like in Italy. Play each other twice. This is where I don’t know if it would work. But as teams aren’t playing each other three or four times a season they don’t know each other as well tactically so more interesting games. Also old firm wouldn’t be happy as no full stadiums when they play each other four times a season. But the smaller teams in bottom end of the table will get more money due to playing teams with bigger crowds so will have more mo day to get better players meaning surely in a few years the football is better quality as some smaller teams improve.
  22. Good on him LAUGH OUT LOUD