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  1. Spence quoting were asking 50k for him. Not feeling confident of him being here after the break. Probably some truth in the discussions as nearly every paper is running the story I dont get why people talk like its not going to happen. If you were offered a job which would probably double your wage over night what would you do?
  2. Was he actually pissed off at Brown for not signing Swanson? I'm pretty sure that comment was not based on proper fact at all.
  3. certainly looked 10 times the player Shinnie did anyway. Get it right up them.
  4. Handball!!!! Eastons goal is something to watch on the highlights folks. Jo loved his goal!!! Craigs goal... Keeper nightmare Zander had a bit of a mare leading up to Aberdeen goal but never mind
  5. We still haven't worked out how to put a set piece into the box I see. Abysmal.
  6. seemed sstruggling a bit. we were dominating the game prior to the goal. Another booking for a saints player for his 1st foul.
  7. Refereeing disaster so far. No consistency at all. Muzz booked for his 1st foul. United cb at least 5 fouls already. Nothing said.
  8. Up there with one of the worst refereeing decisions at mcd. Tam sold Mannus short though
  9. Could vote for about 6 of them. Back 4, Muzz, Mikey and Macca who also worked very hard.
  10. How many tickets have we actually sold?
  11. Please play 2 up. Cummins much more of a threat when he played up through the middle. We aren't defending well. Setting up 4-5-1 is setting us up for a hiding. We need to try and create chances. Playing for the 1-0 isnt going to end well.
  12. we beat Killie twice there last season.
  13. That was utterly awful. Outplayed. Out fought. We played like the team bottom if the league. Absolutely bizzare winning goal but it could of been more. Why whenever sutton plays do we just resort to hoofing the ball up the park. Can someone recommend Jo the throw a gym regime. Pushed about far to easily.
  14. Dont know if anyone else has said but... Watch out for traffic. Ayr races are on today.