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  1. I know for a fact that Saints were made aware of Lyndon Dyke’s a couple of years ago and never followed up. Another couple of million missed when he gets his next move?
  2. Who is Andy? Btw the way I am not Hursts dad. RIk if you mean Dens, Tannadice etc ye you are right.
  3. Just shows your mentality with a statement like that. Didn’t happen lad.
  4. That’s why the manager put him up against the wall when he said he was leaving to go to America? Wasn’t good enough? For Fk sake it’s hard getting banned from this useless shite forum.
  5. No, I would put Mark Hurst into the equation as well. There is life out-with Scottish football.
  6. Would they compete with a 3rd teir American team?
  7. Why be so personal? It’s not about the individual. Still more ability than 99% the fans on here. TBF so do most ammies.
  8. Ah I was looking for the American that used the team as a play thing and they went under. You did say he’ll mend them so I’m curious? Like any successful business at times you need to be risk averse and invest if not you will stagnate and your competition will take over. Running a football club cost neutral is fine but you then need to curb your ambition and fan expectation. Somehow the latter since 2014 has not been in play.
  9. Ok, tell me how it plays out please? I’m interested.
  10. “Two of your ex players are playing in America with “ wee” teams. Their chairman are investing over £100m in their clubs, are you willing to match that or better it as Saints are a big team”?
  11. Was, until I saw what was going on.
  12. You have to sign a waiver saying that you agree to working more than 30 hours a week if the job requires it.
  13. Yep, read my previous posts. They don’t give a toss about the kids unless they have value. £20 to a senior is like buying coffees for the car share, for the kids it’s totally different. What about the £1000s invested by parents over the years to help their kids? Honestly unless you are the lucky one or two the clubs do not give one.