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  1. He’s still with us and scoring goals too. I think he’s with the under 17’s or 19’s, although someone might correct me there.
  2. I'm not sure that's not as if he's going to get that again, anywhere. He's earned good money for very little game time for about 7/8 years. Come to Saints...get £3k a week (or whatever) regularly in the top league. (or sign for Hearts and get £5k!!!) I trust that we won't pay over the odds...if he wants to play, then come and play.
  3. why do think that? We seem like a good fit for a player looking to play some games at a good level?
  4. No they won't. His stock is probably as high as it's going to get. Let him go and get him back in a few years.
  5. I'm sure the would have. Personally, I'd cash in at c.£300k if anyone comes up with the cash.
  6. Were we? I genuinely didn't know that. I wore mine on entry but didn't have it on while the game was on....the majority of those around me didn't have theirs on either.
  7. You could probably look back over the last 20 years and we'd be saying the same thing every year.
  8. I know someone who got theirs on Saturday.
  9. We can't get too hung up about it's effectively what happened to ICT when we pinched 2 of those players about 18 months ago.
  10. I think that's the good things about having most of the squad pretty much signed for next season. I think our transfer window will be a few specific place fillers, a few loans and then replacements for the ones we may/may not sell. Decent place to be in to be honest....lots of teams still looking to fill 8/10 places.
  11. Papa Jack


    Yes, agreed. Tierney is perfect in that left centre back position. I think you have to get a system to get your best players playing in their natural positions. Exactly like Saints did last season..
  12. Papa Jack

    Away shirts

    I've always found Macron pretty good in terms of quality of product and communication/resolving issues. Local branch too which is good. They seem to be snapping up a lot of clubs recently.
  13. The only offset being those who have kept their ticket but moved seat. That may show as a double count in those "booked" seats. Good number though...really positive stuff!
  14. agreed, and I think you have a long number of years to pay in back...10/20 or something. Stick it in the bank and get some interest off it.