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  1. I think he's getting there...had one really good save on Saturday!!
  2. but it wasn't automatic relegation from that division.
  3. Maybe I didn't catch it properly but I thought they said that all the subs were sitting in the terracing too.
  4. Excellent appointment from Steve and Kirsten....
  5. I'm not so sure. Do you not think Bryson's maybe happy enough to play some games and keep earning some money. He's had a lot of seasons earning a chunk of money in the championship. Holt would never have been earning anything like the money Bryson would have been on for the last 6/8 years. It also wouldn't surprise me if Bryson/Aberdeen worked out a deal that he still got a fair bit of money for terminating his contract....meaning he doesn't need to find a high earning contract now. Bit like when we got Danny from Hibs a few years ago. To be honest, there's not that many clubs he could play for...given his personal situation and Scottish football as a whole. I would be quite happy if him and Byrne signed. Either could sit in that midfield area which means that Ali could move upfield a bit.
  6. We've built a consistent top 6 team buying other people's flops.
  7. That's quite smart. I think we've got 2 decent tops this season.
  8. Yeah, I think that's why the odds are tight as they are. Even allowing for the injuries mentioned above and some of the "bad boys" not playing, anyone who thinks Aberdeen will pitch up with team of unknowns is going to be pretty disappointed.
  9. I think the fact no-one is really sure what the Aberdeen team will look like makes the game quite difficult to predict from a bookies point of view. Home win/Away win/Draw are all roughly the same price which is probably about right.
  10. Saints were favourites until this morning. Probably means most of Aberdeen's bigger players will be back in the team.
  11. I get the Sky comment but I’m struggling to think of any outlay saints would have had (that won’t carry forward to the 20th). Am I missing something obvious?
  12. Seeing a few comments on here about the DUFC stream. I thought it was excellent buffering and the Utd commentary in the second half was perfectly fine. Clearly in favour of home decisions but that's ok...not overly bias. Definitely worth £12.50.
  13. I like it...socks are a bit mental but it's a tick from me.
  14. It’s in a post about 5 up from your one. Link through united TV.