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  1. Cannae be bothered with this, I'll guess 4?..5?
  2. I don't know, how many were there?
  3. I'm ok with Saints not sticking this on their website/any platform. I think anyone who wants to claim has all sorts of methods to contact Saints to ask for some kind of refund. To be fair, in this climate, there will be some who want/need the £30/£40/£50 back....can't blame them for that.
  4. I guess it might be a bit more when you factor in the fact that families would be ok to sit together. Not far away from our actual attendances though. I do appreciate that it won't happen...just bored to be honest!!
  5. Well, exactly!! Let's get going!!... Sorry Aberdeen/Hibs/Rangers/'ll need crack on with 1/10th of your usual support!!
  6. There was chat on the Sportsound podcast that many/all of the League 1/2 clubs would just shut-down for a year as closed doors football just wasn't viable for them. This might leave just 2 leagues of (say )12 and kick restructuring into the long grass. It's an interesting one because you would think League 1 and 2 games could actually go ahead with social distancing quite why couldn't they start back come August time (assuming they are allowed to). I wonder how many could get into McD and still be socially distant?
  7. Papa Jack

    New Manager

    Do Ballboys get £5 a game?
  8. Saints would be one the last teams in Scottish football to go into admin over this. Low basic wage, cash in the bank, loads of players out of contract soon. It’s those middle sized clubs that are in trouble. Hibs, Hearts, Aberdeen. it’s the same in’s those mental championship teams who must be worried. Paying big salaries but not quite being able to subsidies them with the mega Sky money.
  9. I can't see "Covid" changing any of that. That's why I think extending the season is a farce. You could (theoretically) play the last 10 games with a whole new team. How does that work in practice though? Test everyone before the game and then play, let everyone go home and then go through the testing process again before the next game? I just can't see how that's practical, never mind affordable.
  10. He should get a crack at it, but he won't.
  11. This reconstruction debate actually got me thinking about why I go to watch games of football…apart from the supporting Saints bit obviously. For me, I don’t care that I watch Saints play Ross County 3/4 times. I think the games have to mean something and with an increased league size, you would get definitely get away from that. As the league sits at the moment, both teams have something to play for in every game and I think it encourages people to want to go. ((Possibly Livi being the exception to that)). Would I go to see Accies v Saints tomorrow, yes…relegation/survival v’s top 6 battle. Would I go it if we were 8th and 9th out of 14/16…..possibly not.
  12. I was all for finishing the games if we could do it before the end of June ish but I just pushing it out into August/September gets too complicated for teams and players There will be about 6 teams re-signing/signing players or letting players go without knowing what league they'll be playing in. That can't work.
  13. Why is there this urge to change the league structure?...did we not do this ages ago and decided 12 was the correct size for the top league.
  14. I would prefer to finish the season "properly" and leave the decision as late as possible but it's starting to feel like we should just decide on this season (current placings or average points, whatever) and be ready for starting next season as soon as we can. There's just too much confusion around players/contracts/sponsorship deals to be dragging the current season on til (say) September.
  15. What about clubs who've been on the front foot in terms of wage deferrals/cuts. Would you not say they've done the right thing in looking at ways to cut their cloth?