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  1. Notice it's on red tv as well as alba. Outside chance of a stream?
  2. As of yesterday morning at around 11 o'clock, we'd sold about 400 tickets with 500 remaining.
  3. Got a few jambo mates meeting for a pint pre-game. Anyone know if muirton suite will be open for away fans? Also, any chance of just walking into the Tulloch without being a member?
  4. NeilSJFC

    208 boozer

    Completely levelled. It is home to one of the oddest experiences I have had in a pub. Lived relatively close and decided to go on night for a quick pint and a game of pool with my brother-in-law. Walked in to find barman and two regulars sitting in front of the TV watching Eastenders in silence. It was like strolling into someones living room.
  5. Alex James played in that arsenal team so would definitely be a contender.
  6. So we should sign another defender simple because three happen to be injured at the moment? 7 senior defenders, several of whom can play in more than one position is more than enough. I bemused as to what McKay has shown to be suddenly be heralded as a potential great. Seems to be a yet another case where a player is feted by some fans simply because he's not picked. (See Craig Beattie from couple of seasons ago and to an extent Craig Thomson last season)
  7. Dobbie did had a few chances when he came back. I remember a sub appearance after he returned where he looked completely disinterested and contributed nothing and you could see Coyle's frustration. Think having Scotland in the side at the time didn't help his chances either. His time at QoS where he was the "main man" brought his best out him and as others have pointed out he clearly looked a lot fitter after moving down south. Would have been disappointed had we signed him now though.
  8. Goodwillie probably did enough in his hour against Saints in the last mcdiarmid meeting to put Tommy off him. Brutal.
  9. May is still months away from recovering i believe. Would love to have Sandaza back the big beautiful huffy b******.
  10. On holiday so will miss this