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  1. Have I wandered on to a Celtic, Paranoid FC forum? Get a grip. Collum is a shit ref but is shit for everyone. No more no less
  2. I don't really get why people have to have a go at someone trying to do their best and by the way I think she is doing a fine job. Someone is trying to do a job for the club and lots of shit gets said by people hiding behind a keyboard, People who wont say anything when they are upset by people in the crowd. You really couldn't make it up. Pretty sure none of the rest of us are perfect.
  3. Tommy has gone native
  4. Make them pay to get back in. We will soon make a profit.
  5. There are plenty of smoking areas outside the ground. What you greeting about?
  6. Lets be honest it's just manky. Nothing worse than being near someone who really needs to wash their clothes and has honking breath.
  7. I guess they can let them out if they wish but smoking legally in the stadium will never happen again.
  8. Write to your MSP because it will only happen with a change to the law. In fact save your time, its not going to happen.
  9. Not happening according to twitter.
  10. john1962

    May Away?

    Away with Under 21s again.