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  1. stevensan

    John Davies

    I assumed he meant Leigh Jenkinson as he came later and got a lot of stick from the East Stand.
  2. I seem to remember it being Paul Cherry, but I could be wrong on that...
  3. unless you both hold European passports you stand zero chance of qualifying for a work permit for any UK club.
  4. stevensan

    Zander Clark

    Davidson was when I realised it. Two weeks before he was sold Craig Brown (?) said he wasn't of the required quality for international football. He was promptly sold to Blackburn with his debut against Arsenal. He played left back in a 4-0 defeat and was directly responsible for at least 3 of those. 2 days later he was picked for Scotland.
  5. 2nd to every ball and defence look like they don't know each other. Midfield badly needs someone with a bit of bite to counter Killie. Paton should be on for this formation. Essentially 5 at back as neither wing back is getting forward.
  6. giving them half the stadium just gives them the atmosphere advantage regardless where you put them. Based on that Saints should try the following (my helmet is on and I'm preparing for the abuse); - give them the Main, East and North Stands - All Saints fans moved to the Ormond - Prices for East and Main stands increased to same prices Saints fans charged in Glasgow. North and Ormond at regular prices. Only free kids in the Ormond. - rebate a % (say 20%) of the EXTRA revenue generated as a result of approx 3000 extra fans to season ticket holders (maybe credit for half time refreshments, 50/50 draw entries, discount of future cup tickets, free buses to away games etc) Result? - all Saints fans crammed together and probably a good atmosphere coming from one end. - more money from the unwashed - Saints fans get other benefits. Win win no?
  7. Many people forget the penalty got just after Del's red card when Davidson used his shoulder to clear a cross. You've then got the John Barnes goal that was never even close and didn't Dave MacKay get sent off a few years ago when it was later shown to be a dive? That makes it 5 in the same fixture without reply and I've not even had to think.
  8. I thought he was kicked out when Ashley's men were trying to take over, but that Dave King brought him (Level5) back once they had removed the Ashley connection? The whole thing is comedy gold. The Hibees were numpties for starting the fight, Sevco were numpties for joining in, and the MSM have just made the North Korean press look free...
  9. The 'company/club' today had a hearing to ring fence £300k of this clubs money over an unpaid WIFI bill. Said club also had their internet cut off in November due to unpaid virgin media bills, and have posted an £8 - 10M loss every year they have been in existence. No bank will touch them and every 6 months they need 3-4M of loans, which are being taken at increasingly punitive terms. All the above is fact (assuming no one has been lying in court). In addition there is rumours the December player bonus weren't paid. He won't go to Rangers as they can't afford him, period. Even if they could, they will go the way of the previous club sooner or later. They are no better a prospect now than when Murray was being linked to them.
  10. Cynical me says that we are now going to have a summer of the SPFL pleading Armageddon when their beloved TRFC is forced into admin, with them saying this new shiny sponsorship deal was only possible once they were back to their 'rightful' place.
  11. I think the "all admission charges paid and PAYABLE" is the relevant bit. It is clear from that, that the meaning of the rule is that all admission charges paid, and all admission charges that should be made (eg, from the revenue attached to season ticket sales) should be remitted to the SPFL. If Rangers are letting fans in on season tickets for free, that is great. However it is not for free as they charged for the season tickets, and therefore, under rule C26, Rangers should remit the revenue received as a result - in this case cost of season ticket/# of games season ticket provided.
  12. ---- Exactly. Emailed many times and never once had a response. Will send the email though just to keep people here happy...
  13. because 1) quite frankly I would have no idea who to speak too! 2) seriously, they didn't like me much when I ran the unofficial site 20 years ago!, and 3) until 10 minutes ago I had no idea they were planning on spending 10k to redo the website! There is quite likely to be people who can do a better job than me for a lot less (read nothing - its not rocket science to do a wonderful job with wordpress, and If i was a freelance website designer doing an official SPL website would be a great marketing tool). I am not by any means an expert on these things, just a hobbyiest. I am pretty sure a simple tweet/message on their site/facebook etc saying they want to redo the website and would like input from fans with website experience/knowledge would yield a great result. They just need to put it out there... give me an email address and I'll email them saying just that! (the fact I have to ask on here for an email address really says it all...!)
  14. 10k is prob about right for a commercial quote on a new website. However it is WAY more than Saints should be paying as it is something that could be used as a marketing tool for any freelance website designer. There is today many freely available Content Management Systems which make making websites a doodle. I have just redesigned one for the company I work for and the total cost was $59USD for the wordpress template and about a week of graphic/content work, much of which was made harder by the fact I was trying to understand the actual content. ( A well done site, with an ecommerce attached (plenty of open source solutions included in c-panel, which is usually a freebie in any webhost these days) can be done pretty easily by someone with decent knowledge. I would want to see their spec for what they want, but I'd quite happily probably redesign it for £5k (and I dare say someone else would do it for a lot less) and help them keep it uptodate. I used to do it for nothing after all!!!
  15. 1.5m in outstanding loans, prob 500k for IA, 300k for Wallace's pay off and they have just enough left to meet payroll. Spivs will now have 75% majority. At AGM they will issue more shares and take that to over 90%. Then sell to a offshore company complete with land titles and put trfc into admin. End of part 2 will be soon. Can't wait for part 3...