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  1. Chippy still there and I regularly get a fish supper on route home.
  2. Mike Taylor? Unfortunately his company, owning Glentanar, went bust tail end of last year. It was bought over and remains open. There is a nice bar further along Holburn that is good for watching the football, The Adams Lounge.
  3. Its times like this you appreciate what a great manager Tommy Wright is. Look at Hartley at Dundee, lost two good players but has spent a fair bit on new signings and is in trouble. McGee at Motherwell is hit or miss. The breadman has spent cash, that would make Tommys eye water, on what??? £1.8m on a striker and The Breadman is working with one had tied behind his back, according to Souness!!! Look at other mangers who have been sacked, McNamara being the obvious one LAUGH OUT LOUD. Carry on Tommy.
  4. Faissal El Bakhtaoui is a gamble. SPL is quicker and more physical then Division 1. Rory Macalister would have been a good shout a few years back but he wanted to finish his plumbing apprenticeship and he is probably making more money at Peterhead and plumbing. Finding a striker is the holly grail! Maybe a young loan player from EPL team would compliment the current strikers.
  5. A beagle looks and has a far more child friendly image. Imagine they had gone for a Roddy Rottweiler! Mind you it could have then been used for crowd control.
  6. If Brogan cocks it's leg to urinate it male, squares its female.
  7. Excellent points made above. Perhaps Saints could introduce an "Exile" season package. It would incorporate some of the above points as part of the package. Saints and SLO would need to gauge interest from Exile in order to see if it’s a starter or not. Then would need to see how much people would be prepared and what would be in the package. If enough interest seats for Exile could be together which would be a great way for Exiles to meet their fellow keyboard warriors from WAP. If not in use can be donated to local school/charity. The strip could be part of the package or maybe some kind of t-shirt which would prompt interest in St Johnstone, making others look for St Johnstone on the web. Imagine Saints found an Exile support prepared to fund a new signings wages!!
  8. Think he would be a good signing, a bit different to what is already here and would allow Davidson, Spoony, Swanson, Millar (depending who is picked) to attack more and give the two new signings in Coulson and Alston to do likewise. Concern is, is the midfield going to look top heavy and would the money be better spent elsewhere?
  9. Typical Sunday morning, long walk with the dogs, breakfast and catching up with the news.
  10. The Harry Hold detective series by Jo Nesbo are pretty decent. Also just finished Kevin Bridges autobiography and enjoyed it, especially the second half on his journey to becoming a comedian.
  11. Falkirk have started the 2nd half well. Open to a counter attack.
  12. These are great results. Hopefully the club can keep the fans coming back and maybe add a couple of hundred more.
  13. I got similar reaction from the Dons fans at work.
  14. I can't make every game but can help out with lifts when I can. Sounds like a great idea and there appears to be some interest.