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  1. Emotions clearly running high last night, hence this ridiculous thread Some people need to take a deep breath and relax - yes it’s been a grim few weeks, yes manager team selections and player performances have been woeful but for ffs, we've Just played Aberdeen, Celtic twice, Rangers and Hearts. We weren’t expected to get anything from those game and although I’m not saying we should accept the crap we have seen recently or accept getting beat 5-0 and 6-0, there needs to be a bit of acceptance that the top 5 teams are stronger all at the same time than I can ever remember. I can understand people losing their rag after such poor performances but we have a run of fixtures now that we should be looking to haul a decent points return of the next 6 games, the only one i feel we won’t get anything from is Hibs away - , Motherwell St Mirren, Livi, killie and Thistle are all winnable games Keep calm everyone - this is a completely different league to what we have been used to over the last 6 Seasons Celtic were terrific yesterday, so were Rangers when they played us, just need to suck it up and hope TW gets his team selection right for Motherwell im sure we’ll Be back to 4-4-2
  2. To lose to two corners kicks is the biggest disappointment , Hearts has plenty of shots but most of them outside the box Swanny managed to do what nobody else did and that was get the ball, be direct and drive towards the opposition - he managed to get just outside the Hearts Box and and although his shot was miles over bar, he gives us something we don’t get from Kennedy ( who I agree was poor today)
  3. Early Train through tomorrow - we usually take a decent following to Tyncastle - any idea how many tickets we sold so far? Think our allocation is around 900
  4. After yesterday’s hammering no better way to make amends than to knock the holders out of the league cup Really disappointed TW opted for one up front against Rangers . 5-1 is hard to take when we were set up to keep things tight and not to lose He has to go two up front on wednesday. Celtic are a shadow of the team from the last two seasons and I want us to go out there set up to focus on our strengths not to keep things tight Will be a really tough game - even more so now Celtic will be wanting to get back to winning ways after getting beat from Killie again. McMillen back in for spoony Let them worry about us - no coincidence or two worst performances of the season were when we played one up front - Hope TW recognises that
  5. Tough game today away to St Mirren We tend to struggle on the toad and ya d a horrible knack of letting leads slip in the last 20 minutes. Be interesting to see how many 1st team players play this season. Can anyone confirm the rules - u21 League was three players I think?
  6. Sign of a good team - collecting three points when not playing well Tommy Wright said we were excellent today - have to disagree, Hamilton didn’t really ask many questions of us defensively but we were a bit wasteful with some of the chances. Both Kane and McMillen should have scored in the second half great three points though and has been a really good start to the season
  7. I think that’s exactly what he’s found - doesn’t have the legs to play anywhere else - he reads the game so well though and can pick a pass, usually the right pass
  8. Really enjoyed the game today - yeah it took us a while to get going but even when Dundee were controlling things in the first half we still created 2 or 3 really good chances that we should have done much better with Matty Kennedy put another great shift in and he’s going to get better and better the more games he plays - probably should have been subbed late on as he was clearly gubbed. Like all wingers just needs to find that final ball a bit more For the first time in years we have players who you almost expect them to make something happen out of nothing. The three summer signings have been terrific so far - As for Tony Watt, the boy is class and just oozes confidence and cockiness that we haven’t had in a player for a while Great day - looking forward to seeing McCann’a greeting wee coupon on sportscne
  9. Totally agree - he was tremendous today, best game he’s had for us in a long time
  10. Not sure what’s worse, you wanting to give 7000 tickets to Celtic or the fact you think selling an extra few thousand tickets is going to mean TW gets to sign a central midfielder we desperately need
  11. Absolute nonsense 1) there won’t be anything near 7000 fans, Celtic will get there usual 4500 - as it’s a cup game and not in the season ticket book you’ll be lucky if there is 1800 paying home fans there - 2) “ give them the more tickets to make a few bob more “ . Would rather see a half empty stadium. It’s a bonus match for the club in terms of revenue anyway . It will be on the tv too so already made extra cash People need to start realising we’re not a diddy we championship side desperate for cash to stay afloat. We should be playing this game to win and get through not selling our soul and giving Celtic 3/4 of the stadium Embaressed people would even consider it - we have too many small club menatality fans
  12. Great day out, Not the greatest performance, but our quality shone through in extra time Their front two caused us a lot of problems which we struggled to deal with in the first half, joe especially struggled but was much improved second half. Thought Kerr was terrific and and as for Tony Watt, the boy is class. Most excited I’ve been about player since Sandaza. Foster also had a decent game and we are much weaker defensively without him. Think Tanser left his voice in the changing rooms, so many times he has space on the left but never demanded it I think Kennedy will get better with each game, looked a bit laggy later on but not sure if that was down to the gash on his knee Terrific saints support there today, plenty of noise made - here’s to a kind Draw Ayr United away please
  13. Tommy Wright in Today’s newspapers “We won’t be sigining a midfielder anytime soon” “We have to get players out first for that to happen but can’t really do that as the squad is thin in number” WHAT? He wants to play Jason Kerr there but had to take him off because he was tired as he’s not used to playing there. Brutal
  14. Have to agree, formation changed to accommodate Comrie. I don’t want to be too harsh on the young lad but l as long is Foster is fit he’ll be nothing more than a squad player Doesn’t offer much going forward and is too lightweight defensively Really disappointing that we’ve signed three players who are supposed to make us more of a threat going forward yet the manager sets us up to contain Kilmarnock and not lose the match rather than go and win it Tony Watt did as well as he could have done but was always 35+ yards from goal on his own - want to see him paired up front with McMillen Well done to the 389 fans who made the trip, pretty disappointing turn out for the first game of the season after a promising Betfred cup.