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  1. Few mentions on Twitter that we are about to bring Joe Gormley in on loan from Peterborough. Think Tommy was after him a couple of years ago. by all accounts he is a decent player. never seen him though so can't comment
  2. Titanic Museum is excellent for a visit, would definitely recommend it. I would also definitely recommend you take one of the Black Cab Tours of the City, the driver will take you round all the significant places from the 'troubles' and are incredibly knowledgeable. Really enjoyable way to see the City.
  3. As far as I'm led to believe the new kit sponsor will be Alan Storrer Cars.
  4. TW saying in the PA this morning that its looking like just a pull, fairly hopeful he should be fit for Hearts on Saturday. Would be big advantage if he is, if not I really hope that Cummins is fit to come back in to the team. Caddis is simply not an able replacement for Midge.
  5. Have to agree with you Chips, Sunburst is absolutely disgusting stuff. Definitely up there with one of the worst lagers I've ever tasted. I've tried Ossian which is pleasant enough, although not a lager.
  6. completely killed his style in the last game, predictable on the right. I must have been watching a different game then when he effortlessly glided past a couple of defenders to cut the ball back to Spoony for him to score............
  7. Nah can't agree with this, by moving MOH up top into a 4-4-2 I feel you completely nullify MOH's effectiveness/threat over a game, we all know how effective he is when he picks the ball up on the right side and is moving forward at pace against defenders. Playing him up to is just not playing to his strengths imo. However I do agree with you about players being able to drift between formations.
  8. £12 for Under 12's to attend this game is an absolute p*ss take. Our fans continually are getting ripped off up and down the country, we allow opposition fans into McDiarmid Under the age of 12 for free week in week out, yet no other club has signed up to this as far as i'm aware. Think its time we stopped offering this incredible deal to opposition fans at McDiarmid Park, so that only St Johnstone supporters are benefitting from it.
  9. I'm really not quite understanding how Tommy Wright is coming in for a wee bit of abuse regarding this issue to be honest What would your boss say to you if you were continually late for work, continually ignored warnings about your timekeeping and then produced pretty much zero effort once you actually decided to make it into work ?? dont think you would last that long in post to be honest. In my opinion TW should be praised in just allowing the official word to be a 'mutuallly agreed termination of his contract' instead of sacking him on the spot and explaining to any journalist who asked, exactly what the reasons were behind his departure.
  10. Thats outrageous! should be named and shamed
  11. Heres hoping. Worth noting Swanson was an unused Sub last night for Coventry in their cup match. Still keeping everything crossed that we can see a return for him.
  12. Yes I know its fact. If you are looking for me to reveal my source for knowing this information, then that aint going to happen. Believe me or dont believe me mate, the fact he is no longer a St Johnstone player despite being a promising footballer clearly shows that something is amiss.