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  1. Dave H

    Season Tickets

    Whats this 250 nonsense. Our entire home support could be dotted around the stadium very easily. Its open air, less risk of catching it, and less risk if fans who are ill stay away. I've not renewed, no rush yet.
  2. Hearts, a Scottish embarrassment. What is their end game, what do they want? Played 30, won 4 (four) Beat Hibs twice, Beat Rangers, beat StMirren. Couldn't beat anyone else. What is the legal action, to be asking to keep playing another round of fixtures as think they can survive? Will they ever accept they are the worst side of 19/20 season?
  3. Dave H

    New Manager

    Anyone with leads or contacts in the game are surely key criteria, we'll need to rely on loans to fill the squad.... loan them in, reduce wage bill....
  4. Dave H


    Or more lukely the same grass pitch as last season (this season if it's still alive) with some dandelions and daisies growing through it. Lucky to see grass seed thrown on it I imagine.
  5. A bigger top league makes the 2 coming up each season being no way good enough to survive. Would we be looking at Arbroath potentially challenging to get in the top flight (stadium aint good enough?) They'd be straight back down. Only change I would have is bottom 2 go down and scrap playoffs that are massively favoured in the top clubs interest. Fck Hearts, already bailed them out giving them a donation in the past.
  6. Stranraer will get their payment, it will cover about a weeks wage and not what the media is spouting. It was in their club statement. Thistle cant afford to challenge. Two terrible form teams finding their fate earlier than expected, but both likely going down anyway.. Same can be said on Hearts, utter garbage and don't deserve to stay up. I'm not bothered about our final placing, I'm not bothered about reconstruction. I just want to get back to being at a game. Can reconstruct the leagues but I can see clubs folding before any new season starts. Players being unattached and out of contract, but clubs have no finances to commit to signing contracts. The reconstruction might need to focus on who survives in a few months.
  7. Nothing in the deal for us and majority of other clubs, why has there got to be something in it for you. Joke club, seeing it all now. Cannae even post a ballot slip, cannae work whatsapp!
  8. Tv have breached contract to punters. Should just get round a webcam and talk common sense in crisis conditions. The season will not commence and end anytime soon, then clubs will go bust before that hsppens and TV dont get any games to show.
  9. How did we have him.... awesome. Doobs too..... how does that happen.... now we are last day gambles
  10. Season void, divide the cash equally between all clubs. Who knows if we will see football this year...
  11. Ach they could have had the players do it for their home in a DIY draw from a hat, just those on standing order only. No new weekly entries. Id be happy to keep paying during this testing time
  12. Where is positive case numbers found? I'm reaching my tipping point to thinking this is going to be lethal in Scotland as we are all about in busy supermarkets infecting each other.... town centre is quiet, but then I read Fife Farmers market is on Saturday and going ahead... must be a baw hair away from lock down...
  13. You dont know nothing.
  14. Dave H

    Season Tickets

    I, 100% do not want any cash back from my season ticket. Happy to pay normal for the forthcoming season, no matter what plays out for 19-20 season.