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    League position

    3 points forever important. Defines a season if you can get em 3 points. We've been 'hard luck' by not picking them up. Interesting what we are looking at here... we just need to keep a half eye on teams below with games in hand.
  2. Seriously annoyed we are all missing out on a Hampden semi final win!! What a day out.... given the misfortune of last seasons league cup chaos, its no longer that mickey mouse cup.... it's our cup 2021!!
  3. Dave H

    3 drams

    Cheers for sharing, the city could have been booming if it were not for tough decisions during tough times. Whisky is alive and kicking. Love the stuff. Good pic of Dewars on Glasgow Road that the article mistakenly says London Road.
  4. Dave H

    Steve brown

    Come here to read about the chairman and read more about yinited... I think as the topic has been raised, our chairman should at least make some sort of official update... the pros, cons and warnings so far this season and touch on the numbers on ppv. Also any note that in future months our players will be on on consultation of pay reduction. It's inevitable that wages are to be cut if we've made anyone redundant.
  5. This virus is here for many years ahead.. following rules under all the latest oppression does not remove the virus from circulation and wouldn't help football fans get back in. We need to learn to live with the virus... this pandemic has just started... we have years and years of this 'fear' of not attending, or being restricted to a few hundred. The world is changing... our beloved team may fall out of business, may struggle in league reconstruction scenarios, but let's hope we can kick start the emergence of our club if we shut up shop for a season or 2. So glad we are top flight with tv income, absolutely no idea how lower Scottish leagues can survive. Brexit anyone?
  6. I'm missing all the games unless on tv, so highlights are all I've got to rely on. And honest opinions here, seems like we can play pass football, cross balls and somehow make mistakes at the back which get punished. Simple solution, stop the fukn mistakes and fortunes will turn. Are we getting softer? Too nice?
  7. Howly officials today. Fkn unbelievable decisions, decisions that can cost clubs big money come end of season! Good goal being ruled out for offside doesnt even remotely look close to being offside, half yerd all through the move! No wonder Craig lost the rag. The penalty is a clear push on Gordon, why else would he fall/stumble over if he's going to challenge for a header in the air! Lino sleeping again. First goal is crucial, and it was stolen from us today.
  8. Well, sure we have a decent record at home v Hibs, memory tells me they may have won here recently but otherwise not a ground they pick up points. Hibs bottle always crashes, any season they start well.. usually its a few more games into the season, lets hope they are disjointed, no flow, and we take one of our chances. First goal wins this one!
  9. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Passing with no purpose. Lack of desire to win the game by management. Second half Aberdeen would have flagged due to lack of match sharpness, but looked like we flagged more. One up top with no supply is poor.
  10. We better be up for this, the sheep will setup for a draw... up to us to score. Fingers crossed we can get the win. Set us up nicely to beat Hibs and join them on 10 points come the weekend. Ok, 1 game at a time.... win this, move to 7 points. Only 3 behind leaders, cant afford to drop many more points if we are to win the league.
  11. Whit! This should be a rout, I'd expect a new record victory, 10+ goals
  12. End the season now, how funny that would be. Champions and relegations on goal difference. More importantly any news on what's happening to my 50/50 tickets?
  13. 50/50 tickets available in Saints online shop. Bought mine at the weekend. Every penny to the club helps!
  14. Opening stadiums planned around 14 September, hopefully. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/scotland/53596078 Been waiting for some news on this...
  15. Good 3 points to start the season, I pray for nothing like the start of last seasons shambles. Important not to lose against the team coming up. A draw would be likely as we've had a weird pre season and it might take a handful of games to get properly going. Also we need a date added to title, my OCD says it needs an archival timeline..
  16. Yeah, season ticket holders get access. However no months have been suggested, could be screening and PPV for entire season, or we could get back in sooner. No one knows when we'll get back in to McD.
  17. The more I contemplate this 20/21 season, I fear no fans will be permitted in the stadium, even though I feel most clubs could implement safe attendance.... the very thought of catering for the home fans of the Glasgow giants just kills any optimistic thoughts of getting into a game. Any Scottish decisions will be taken with only 2 clubs in mind.... the first old firm might be the earliest we might get into a game. Home fans only should be the approach to start. I'm contemplating the live stream, but not interested in watching on tv at premium prices. I'm not an advocate for pay per view at best of times. I'm currently not renewing my season ticket or paying for live streams at moment. 100% I will not be streaming any away game. Is the Scottish game going to collapse, surely I'm not the only one thinking of little to no spending. LET ME IN!
  18. I had a letter but slso received the email from the club. Contact Paul Smith asking for details or if you can read the pic, just email your choice.
  19. Dave H


    good run out then, good for morale and allowing the ex Scotland International coach to work his magic.
  20. Paul Smith has contacted direct debit supporters, trust all have seen it and made the club aware of what option they are chosing, makes the admin easier.
  21. Dave H

    Season Tickets

    Anyone know if can still renew, past renewal deadline. Or is it the case I now need a new application. I'm undecided on buying, might renew when I can get into games..
  22. one thing certain is the Covid-19 virus is not going to disappear for the 2020-21 season. Are the club planning, in hope, for a given month, for fans to return to match days? What's everyone's opinion on return of some fans to stadiums? Optimistic and pessimistic thoughts welcome. I'm aware the Government will tell us, but interested in views. If we had capped capacity of 2000 home fans only, ie 1/5th of stadium, sure we could distance fairly well inside the 4 stands, being outside helps with air flow, could stipulate face masks to be worn on entry till you find an available seat, then can remove if you wish. I'm of the thought we could attend now, but fear it'll be not till start of November...
  23. I'm happy Tommy has left in the way it has happened. All on good terms. Wouldn't have liked him to get sacked, or to be pinched. Ive moved on but it was good to hear from him, heard more in that hour than the bbc coverage of the last decade. The change brings fresh new ideas for a young promising squad. I think we'll benefit with empty Covid-19 stands ha ha
  24. Agreement of the divorce settlement between club and TW.
  25. Not willing to adjust to management restructuring was my thought. Aspects taken from his control, the club dynamics changed. Not sure I'd like someone coming in and changing things up.