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  1. See Wee Eck boycotting these matches Legend!
  2. A lot of people have problems with Ghostie and his antics at matches but i would like to take my hat off to him for his organisation for this match. A true Saintees legend. Love you man.
  3. Great performance from the Saintees tonight. Tade is my new crush. Agree with Pommy though, atmosphere and crowd were a bit poor. We just have to accept that we will never grab the attention of the Perth public and go with what we have.
  4. Starting to rev. This is orgasimic. Love this club. Love this city. Love you X
  5. Whaurs everyone? Its a deid duck down here!
  6. Can we get Shed Seven on the PA system? I would love to hear She Left Me on Friday, and ruined my weekend.
  7. James McFadden is rubbish. Other are Wayne Rooney, Ibrahamivic and *** Cahill. All reputation and nae product.
  8. oK GENTS, TEAM FOR Thursday. I say we have a go at em. Mannus Miller Wright McCracks Davidson Millar Muzza Mooner Higgins Tade (Mayser if not fit) Hasslebank That is one heck of team.
  9. Lads, Turkey was amazing. Best experience of my life and met some great friends. However, are we building this match on Thursday up for a big fall flat on our faces. Its only another match. We should be careful. We have done this before and it has backfired as the team had too much pressure. I think we are getting a wee bit carried away and building this up beyond all proportions. This is not to say i am not looking forward to it. I cant wait. Just lets keep this in proportion.
  10. Lads, Seen a lot of posts on here about raising money for the club, fans paying fro this and that, collection boxes and stuff. I think in the current climate when people are struggling this is really unfair talk. We buy season tickets, merchandise, attend matched. Surely this is what our contribution to the club is. I pay enough following Saints. I love the club but not paying money into collection boxes and at other points to give straight to the players. We should remember that although we love the club, majority of players dont have any affinity and only here for the wages. Thanks lads.
  11. Start the journey the night man. Flight to Berlin. Crazy night in Berlin. Flight to Istanbul. Crazy night in Istanbul. Bus to the geme. Brilliant eh.
  12. 1000! That is rubbish. Come on people of Perth! I worry this could be our lowest crowds yet at McD.
  13. Really pleased wi the response lads. Thanks to the lovers out there. Bad vibes to the haters. There are some great fans on here. Everyone knows how much i respect Blueheaven, Singy and most of all Ghostie but respect to you all. This is a great forum to share our obsession and love of Saintees. Methil was great during the week with the lads. How good is Turkey going to be eh. Eh! Eh lots of Love X
  14. Growing Plants wi Roddy Grant NEw garndening show to take on Beechgrove Garden. Roddy presentting a light hearted docu-soap on how to grow plants in Scottich conditions.
  15. Turd mess! This SNP Council, like all in Scotland, have turned this city around. City Status anyone? Also, giving junkies and drunks a chance by housing them in Perth from other areas. That should please the do good lefties. I know Wee Eck is proud of the work this Council have done. We keep reelecting SNP so lets get real. Wee Eck for PM. Scotland for the Scotch,