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  1. Reluctantly I'd go for Paton , he was a bit pish in the first half but some excellent passing and defensive work overall , I personally thought muzz was well off pace!
  2. Keith Watson sounds about right for us
  3. Has anyone noticed recent that the majority of our fans get very angry and start booing when we try to keep possession in our own half ,untill shaugnessy or ando boots it out for a throwing? It ridiculous ,keep calm and enjoy having the ball!
  4. Really hard to pick tonight a lot of decent performances ,it was between wotherspoon and swanson for me went for swanson in the end , muzz and fisher were also in contention p.s when will the fans shake off the Fisher is pish stuff? He has been a top performer for the last 5 games odd , he's apperars to be a more talented footballer than a lot in our squad ? Or I am mad haha
  5. My dad has a ticket for sale ,he can't go due to a mix up at work ,please get in touch if interested?
  6. Steven MacLean was the best player on the park by a long shot,what a player! , some suprise bad performances from Dave McKay ,Chris Millar and Liam Craig could get nowhere near the ball all game! In saying that I think we were the better team..Just and am not worried about the rest of the season, missed wotherspoon I thought ,shows he's becoming an important player for us
  7. Am I the only one excited that we may play Red Star Belgrade!?
  8. bruce


    It's all white with a collar looks not to bad