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  1. Tune is ok........ Attila blasts out tunes on a Saturday night streaming live on TWITCH . He is looking for saintess to come and join his pre final Party of Sat 27th . Just search djdinoattila , and create a login name. He will be on this Saturday also. 8 to late.
  2. So our club has realised that the title race is on and now open 3 stands to be filled by that lot ! 1451 home fans at last Rangers game , why? Overpriced when they come to town . FFS drop prices and get the main stand full of saintees. Give season ticket holders the opportunity to purchase cheaper tickets than that lot and have more of us back in attendance , audit the purchases so they cannot sell to that lot . Imagine a full stand of saintees singing joyous as they pump THAT LOT . My god I may go myself not attended an old firm game at McDairmid since Rangers were in pole position to win league and as the Match commander said “ any away fans in main stand will be immediately ejected” never happened as they were everywhere that Sunday night 6-05 kick off , that is my last old firm game. Just a thought
  3. Aye but fans are loosing patience. All are blinded if they think May is the answer . Kerr overrate. We need a decent partner for may .I can’t stand this 1 up front nonsense .Zander ...dear oh dear some of the goals he is conceding is an embarrassment .
  5. you would trust son,,,,,, toooty toooty toooter
  6. train to Glasgow via Edinburgh haymarket £15.70 8.17 in morning arriving 10.20
  7. You and jiangsu and sleepless are the only fans on here with a decent footy brain ,!!! Murray has delivered nothing!!
  8. If your reading this davy Roberson. Don't worry about them!!!!!! If your reading this Murray d,,,,your the laziest t*** to ever wear the saintees jersey!!!!!
  9. Should donate half of wages to charity walk!!!!!
  10. Debut against Motherwell few seasons back this lad looked first class ,delivered nothing since
  11. Murray davidson is running about LOST!!!!!!!!
  12. Could always get billy dodds Darren dodds Alan main. Danny griffin. John oneill. Ray Stewart. Hell even Graeme Payne. Stuart beedie.
  13. Glad someone agrees with me,,!! Murrays contributions to games can be written on 1 line!!!!