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  1. Due to work commitments I have a spare tkt for sat, roseburn stand block k
  2. Ha ha, yeah Im all for it, but I was just thinking, mad dictator ( salmond), oodles of oil !!! Does this sound familiar !!! The Americans will send the troops in and we'll all be toast
  3. Yeah I got a bit carried away, aye she's def a lezzer, anyway all politicians talk crap, the majority of them just pay us lip service and in reality they don't give a toss about your average Joe public, no matter what salmond says or does someone from Westminster will always have a hand up his ass, he can act all patriotic and say all the right things but at the end of the day we all know he's just a man with limited power being controlled by those with more power
  4. Aye that's bang on cjw, can't be doing with all this independence nonsense, now don't get me wrong I'm Scottish all the way but man I can't stand all that bloody Scottishness that gets rolled out every so often, braveheart - utter nonsense, tartan- bloody awful, flower o Scotland - rank rotten, were a small paranoid country that's stuck in the past and Alex salmond is a knob,